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September 30, 2014

Mad The Martian-Blast Off!

Mad the Martian was formed when brothers Bob and Jack Marsh reunited with long time friend producer extraordinaire  Anthony J. Resta to do 1 song "C'mon C'mon C'mon" well when the 3 locked out Resta's Bopnique Studios just north of Boston with Engineer/Magician Karyadi Sutedja the result some 1300 hours later was a new band "Mad the Martian" and a new album "Blast Off" 13 tracks of fresh future/classic rock n roll tunes that sound so familiar yet new and exciting harkening back to the days when we had bands that could get people excited.

In addition to the 54 plus minutes of Martian madness and sonic mambo lab mayhem there is more, yes more: what more could there possibly be you ask?.... They're coming........BLAST OFF! with Mad the Martian 

coming to a Theater and TV near you!!!


September 22, 2014

Track Evaluation: Order Of Thieves-Tollbooth Goddess

A new band called Order of Thieves just released a track off their upcoming album titled "Tollbooth Goddess."

Order of Thieves is Rick Habib (drums, vocals),
Bob Lord (basses, organ) and Jon McCormack (guitar, vocals) who are veterans of the music world.

"Tollbooth Goddess" comes right out of the gate swinging for a homerun with hard hitting bass, drums and fat melodic chords from the electric guitar.

The vocals are spot on and will sound fimilar to you if rock, pop or progressive rock are genres that you frequently visit.

This is a track full of energy and a steady rockin' beat that does not let up. A killer choice to give listeners a taste of what is to come!

MuzikMan Rating 5/5

September 18, 2014

Track Evaluation: Bill Frisell - Guitar in the Space Age-Baja

I know "Baja" has been covered by countless artists over the years but what has been done to make it special or different from the rest? Bill Frisell answers that question straight away with a superb exercise in guitar playing!

I was obsessed with surf instrumentals back in the 90s and still enjoy hearing them to this day.

Frisell captures the spirit and warmth of "Baja" beautifully. Have a listen and tell us what you think?

MuzikMan Rating-4.5/5


Flying Colors - Mask Machine (Official Music Video)

Flying Colors - "Mask Machine" Official Music Video from the album, "Second Nature" out on Mascot Label Group on 9/29 in EU & 9/30 in USA. Pre-order at http://flyingcolorsmusic.com

All pre-orders come with a FREE POSTER & DVD!

September 15, 2014

Black Sabbath - "God is Dead?" Cover

When I first heard this song last year, I couldn't contain my excitement. Black Sabbath ended their Ozzy-era discography with the rather dissapointing Never Say Die!, but this song provided hope for a fitting end to Black Sabbath's catalog over 30 years later. 

September 8, 2014

Free Download: Lunatic Soul - Cold (from Walking on a Flashlight Beam)

Ahead of the release of the brand new album, Lunatic Soul are giving fans a glimpse into what to expect from ‘Walking on a Flashlight Beam’ with an opportunity to stream and download new track ‘Cold’ http://bit.ly/1rKEfF9
Pre-order the album: http://bit.ly/1js34Qc

Commenting on the new album Lunatic Soul’s creative force Mariusz Duda comments: “The new album is about self-imposed solitude and is a prequel to the black and white history. Musically – it will be slightly different, less oriental, more… alternative. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever created – the most elaborate, diverse and coherent Lunatic Soul release.”

‘Walking on a Flashlight Beam’ is due for release on 13th October (UK, France & RoW) / 17th October Germany / 28th October USA & Canada, through Kscope and Mystic Production in Poland.


September 5, 2014

Track Evaluation: THRESHOLD - Turned To Dust (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Threshold is one of the premiere progressive metal bands with a faithful following.

With a highly anticipated new album titled For The Journey coming they have been giving listeners a taste of what is come.

With "Turned To Dust" they are knee deep in powerful progressive metal riffs and the soaring and distinctive vocals of world renowned vocalist Damien Wilson, the band is at the prime of their career.

Check out this great prog metal song!

Threshold Is:
Richard West (keyboards)
Pete Morten (guitars)
Damian Wilson (lead vocals)
Steve Anderson (bass)
Johanne James (drums)
Karl Groom (guitars)

MuzikMan Rating 5/5

September 4, 2014

Track Evaluation: Johnny Winter-Mojo Hand featuring Joe Perry

"Mojo Hand" is a smokin' hot track from the late great Johnny Winter! With Joe Perry of Aerosmith adding his licks its like an all star meet and greet with blues rock.

Johnny this is some of the best music you have ever recorded and I know you are smiling down on us now.

What's not to love here? The new album Step Back is out so don't miss it. Thank you Megaforce Records for providing the You Tube stream.

MuzikMan Rating: 5/5

September 3, 2014

Track Evaluation: Dave 'Knife" Fabris-Michelangelo

On the new album from Dave "Knife" Fabris titled Lettuce Prey (Great Winds/Musea 3169) we get a taste of the musical garden of delights he has to offer.

The track "Michelangelo" combines jazz and rock to make a great fusion of sounds and textures. Fabris mans the guitars and bass while Steve Chaggaris sits behind the drum kit. The two sound like a perpetual motion machine, giving every ounce of energy they can muster to present the song.

 This is a fantastic display of top notch musicianship!

MuzikMan Rating 5/5 

Track Evaluation: Into Orbit-Corridors... Caverns

If you are looking for a sound that will help you leave the planet for awhile, or get Into Orbit...then check out "Corridors...Caverns."

Their instrumental soundscapes will take you away. The guitars and drums build and build until its ready for take off then subside and go through the same process again. 9 minutes and 34 seconds of instrumental wonder!

MuzikMan Rating: 4.5/5