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November 1, 2014

Track Evaluation: The 3rd International - It Wakes, the Morning

I have worked with Andrew Pearson on some of his projects and have always been impressed with his artistic vision and the talent he brings to the table.

He just sent over this killer new track for a listen and once again he has captivated me with his music and the expressionism within it.

"It Wakes, the Morning" is live from the October 18th show at the Darress theatre. The trio is perfect to present this new offering. Guitar, bass, drums and Andrew's unique and distinctive vocals get the job done.

Check Out The Video Now!

MuzikMan Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

More About Third International:


Andrew: After a decade of touring I was tired and bereft of ideas. I quit. Built another career and left music, my first love, for many years. A late night phone call from my long time friend and muse, Dia Stein, brought me back. The first album of The Third International (as we were to be called) featured Ian McDonald (King Crimson, Foreigner) on woodwind, Nick DiFrisco on drums and Bill Foster (ex Billy Cobham) on bass. It was called Beautiful Accident and was the first in the trilogy. Further recordings with changing lineups were to follow: Entre Las Americas/second album in the trilogy, Chemical Eyes/single, Ides/4 song DVD compilation and Formaldehyde/single have made up the steady flow of material I have  offered my listeners.

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