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December 24, 2015

Holiday Stream: Jennifer Thomas-Carol of the Bells

Jennifer Thomas is a superb piano player and her new release Winter Symphony is exactly that. The beauty of the Winter season and the Holidays come shining through with all the colors and pageantry you would come to expect this time of year.

The focus track “Carol of the Bells,” opens the door to the Holiday with parts of a legendary track that come alive with cascading piano and orchestrations. Classical and New Age music merge with tradition for an entirely new universe of music for a listener to enjoy. 

The video provided displays all the emotion and energy you could find in a traditional holiday song except it is done featuring many different and exciting transitions.

Watch and listen now!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Jennifer Thomas:


Jennifer released her third album and most recent album, Illumination, towards the end of 2012 – which has been nominated and won many numerous awards including nominations for Album of the Year for Reviews New Age, and Classical Crossover UK, and winning “Album of the Year”, and “Artist of the Year” at the 2013 IMC Awards, as well as being a Piano Heaven UK Award winner. The album is the culmination of four years of hard work, practice, study, and growth in her musical style and technique. It includes not only many new original works by Jennifer, but also familiar classics such as Dvorak’s New World Symphony, Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1, excerpts from Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto, as well as new classics like OneRepublic’s Secrets, and Mansell’s Requiem For a Dream.

Thomas’ fourth album, “Winter Symphony” will release in November of 2015. This new Christmas album will feature the Ensign Chorus (recorded at Bastyr Cathedral), soprano Felicia Farerre, violinist Taylor Davis, and musicians from The Utah Symphony, Salt Lake City Pops Orchestra, and the Chochin Chamber Orchestra. The orchestration was done by Glen Gabriel. The album includes favorites such as “Silent Night”, “Angels We Have Heard on High”, “Carol of the Bells”, as well as cinematic scores from “Home Alone”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and more.

Jennifer resides in the Seattle area with her husband, Will, and their three sons. Jennifer recently started a video blog on her YouTube channel where you can follow more of her journey as an artist juggling both motherhood and music.

December 23, 2015

Featured Stream: Raphael Groten-Sweetness

Raphael Groten has a new release out titled Journey Home. Our focus track is the beautiful and delicate "Sweetness." 

Groten takes his acoustic guitar and turns it into a tool to soothe and caress the human mind, body and spirit. With the video provided you will also see what the message is in addition to hearing it.

What I enjoyed is the simplicity and directness of the track. "Sweetness" can come in many different ways and in this case it is being with a loved one and enjoying the splendor of nature and all its gifts.

Groten delivers to the listener and an audio visual treat to help you to realize that the simple things in life are what are most important. Look around you and take it all in and enjoy your life and everything it brings to you on a daily basis. One man, one guitar and music of solitude and gratitude is what I hear. I like the way the video ends with Groten creating a totem on a tree with his guitar and bird feathers. Our Native American father's would be proud!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Raphael Groten:


Acoustic guitarist Raphael Groten exhibited amazing patience in waiting until now to release his first solo recording, seeing as he has been playing the instrument for thirty years (and loving every minute of it). His story involves perseverance, happenstance, and coincidence, and even though the seeds of what germinated for years have finally sprouted with the release of 2015's Journey Home, getting there involved some diversions as well as the development of a deep-rooted belief in a world of personal spiritual growth and commitment to using his talent for the betterment of others.

Raphael Groten was born in Philadelphia forty-two years ago on Christmas Day, 1973, into a true music-loving environment. From happy times as the family sang during long car trips to the sizable jazz and classical vinyl collection in the house (with a particular emphasis on bossa nova and Latin-influenced jazz) to the ubiquitous presence of multiple guitars during holiday gatherings, there seemed to be something musical going on at all times. Despite there being a piano available, Raphael first picked up the saxophone as his chosen instrument, beginning with alto sax in the 4th grade and graduating to tenor from grades 7 to 10. He moved on to guitar when he turned 13 and, as they say, the rest is history. First acquiring some informal music training from his mother and sister, Raphael then moved on to formal studies at the University of Vermont, where he majored in Philosophy and minored in Music. While still in high school, he became immersed in folk music and by the end of his Freshman year of college he had composed over 100 songs, collaborating with friends when it came time to write lyrics. After his diploma, he launched his own ten-piece Latin/jazz/funk ensemble, Saudade. The group performed extensively during the late '90s in Burlington, Vermont, and released two albums of Raphael's own compositions.

Even as he was experiencing success with his band, something stirred inside him, some part of him wanted to affect positive change in the world. In 1993, while taking a holistic health class, he met his first shamanic teacher, Susan Grimaldi. In 2001, she would reenter his life at a pivotal moment when he sought personal healing after his four and a half month old son was involved in a near fatal accident. That first night in intensive care he played guitar for his son, while the following day a therapeutic harpist paid them a visit in his son's room, performing for them. It was at this moment when an epiphany dawned for Raphael—his life calling was to compose, perform, and eventually record intentional healing music for people in need. Shortly thereafter, he began shamanic studies, first with Grimaldi and then with Zacciah Blackburn in the field of Sound Healing. He graduated to being a practitioner himself, which he does to this date, offering Sound Circles, individual sessions, group work and apprenticeships, using voice, medicine drum, crystal bowl, flutes and more.

In addition to his work in the Sound Healing field, Raphael also teaches children folk music, and uses singing, dancing, clapping, music theory and song-writing as part of his teaching repertoire. In addition, he also holds private lessons for both guitar and ukulele. As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy,  he is also a contractor, carpenter, and furniture maker, with his own company, Barnoire Furniture and Cabinetry (started in 2001).

It was while sitting in one of his daily meditations in nature (he currently lives in a log cabin atop a mountain in Starksboro, Vermont) that yet another turning point occurred in Raphael's life. He was moved, purely through intuition, to email one of his guitar tracks ("Black River") to Will Ackerman, Windham Hill label founder and owner of Imaginary Road Studios, also in Vermont. In his email, he also requested a meeting to discuss the possibility of Will producing Raphael's first solo recording, featuring fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Fate smiled on him and Will responded the next day. A scant two months later, Groten's debut, Journey Home, was recorded in just two days at Imaginary Road. The experience left a huge impact on Raphael, as he states "I would be remiss in not mentioning the enormous influence and presence of Will Ackerman in my life... I now see, first hand, how Will champions music of this nature."

When asked about his goal for his music, Raphael replies with rock-solid conviction: "To me, being a musician involves offering an uplifting, contemplative, and ultimately healing experience to each listener. As I play each concert and as I write and record each song, I imbue my music with mindful intention for the well-being and healing of all life."

December 21, 2015

Prog Metal Band Odin's Court Release Deathanity (R3)

Progressive Metal for fans of Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree, Iron Maiden, King’s X, Metallica, HIM, and Journey, Enchant, Queen

Baltimore, MD - USA based progressive rock and metal band Odin's Court's announced the re-release of their 2008 album Deathanity (R3) for March, 1 2016. Deathanity (R3) is a “reboot” of the original ProgRock Records album, consisting of a remix (original recording), new recordings (e.g., vocals), and a re-master.

Band leader Matt Brookins commented on the decision to revisit Deathanity: “This was an important album to the band – we worked hard independently, and then shopped it to labels. It was picked up by ProgRock Records (2008), and to date remains our best selling and most popular release. While we were, and still are, proud of what we did, there are some factors that made us want to revisit and improve the quality of the album…mainly, the addition of Dimetrius LaFavors (lead vocals), but also my improvements as an engineer and producer. Additionally, the concept of the album is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, so hopefully we will reach even more ears with this re-release. Stylistically, this album is heavy, progressive, and artsy.”

Deathanity was well received when originally released:

“There's wonderful variety from section to section, the instrumentation and the songwriting are clearly the album's strengths.” – Sea of Tranquility

“The sound of the group is quite personal with a lot of quality, and fantastic production for their music, very pleasant to the ear, nothing strident, with guitars and smooth refining where all instruments are in a place where you can distinguish each of them with complete ease.” – Hall of Metal

“Matt Brookins has succeeded in serving a fantastic album to the inclined listener. From the first minute until the last there is insanely much to discover, and the protagonists are true masters of their instruments.” – Rock Times

Check out the first single “Manifest Destiny” from Deathanity (R3) here:

The band is continuing off the momentum gained from the positive press received on their latest album Turtles All the Way Down (2015):

“Odin’s Court has quietly become one of the best bands in the American Progressive Rock scene, and this album is a perfect example of why that is the case.” – Hard Rock Haven

“Terrific melodic prog/metal that gets better with every listen!” – USA Progressive Music

“The band plays heavy rock inundated with catchy guitar riffs, cool keyboard passages, and excellent lead vocals…the music is so well played, upbeat and catchy as any rock/metal album I have heard in a while.” - Sea of Tranquility

“The strengths are undoubtedly the singing, orchestration, and the work on the guitars. It is highly recommended listening!” – MusicInBelguim.Net

Odin's Court:
Matt Brookins – Guitarist, Keyboardist, Vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist
Rick Pierpont – Guitarist and Backing Vocalist
Dimetrius LaFavors – Vocalist
Gary Raub – Drummer, Percussionist, and Backing Vocalist
Jason Pierpont – Bassist

Email: band@odinscourtband.com

Band: www.OdinsCourtBand.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/odinscourtband
YouTube: www.youtube.com/odinscourt

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

December 18, 2015

Featured Stream: Tim Neumark-You Are Here

Tim Neumark's Moments-Solo Piano Op.7 is another collection of instrumental piano tracks.

I would have to say that Tim is rapidly becoming one of my favorite artist to listen to. His music is serene and at the same time uplifting and full of positive energy.

"You Are Here" is the focus track and it is a beautiful sojourn into a billowing cloud of sound that lets you float away with it.

The key to Tim's music is the rhythm and ever changing tones and colors that make it interesting from start to finish. 

"You Are Here" is another fine example of his abilities to deliver excellence through the keyboard. Listen once and you will become a fan forever.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Tim:
A picture of Tim Neumark.Tim was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic, spending much of his youth in Frostburg, Maryland. In his childhood and early adulthood his foremost passion was athletics, and he participated in baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and track. He also developed a taste for classical and new age music in his teenage years, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his talent for the piano.

For years, Tim travelled the country for work, frequently playing his own compositions in hotel lobbies. At the urging of his wife and others, he finally released his debut CD in 2007.
Tim currently lives with his wife and two daughters in the Washington, DC area.

About Tim's Music:
Tim composes solo piano music that is "emotional, beautiful music that tells a story." Featuring a combination of classical and new age styles, he has released six solo piano albums.

His 2014 album Storm was named Best Solo Piano Album of 2014 by One World Music. In addition, Storm was named one of the best CDs of 2014 by Audiosyncracy, received two Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) nominations, and was nominated for Enlightened Piano Radio's 2014 Album of the Year award. His 2013 album Opus Four was nominated by SoloPiano.com for Classical/Neo-Classical album of the year and received two HMMA nominations. 

Tim's music can be heard on the following internet radio broadcasts (Note that these links open a new tab.)
Moments (2015)
Moments is Tim's seventh CD, released in October 2015. 

The best moments and memories aren't necessarily the weddings, graduations, and births, but the smaller events in your life: your child dancing, pets greeting you at the door, a touching book or piece of music. A happier, shorter, more major-key album, Moments tells the story about some moments in Tim's life while giving the listeners time to reflect on their own personal moments. For the full background about this album and its tracks, see Moments: Behind the music.
Download the CD liner notes in PDF, or visit the store to buy the CD and sheet music.

December 16, 2015

EP ‘Noughts and Crosses Review

Hardcore ’ by Novacaine is a brilliant statement to heavy rock music, mixing a sensual and dark atmosphere with boisterous and powerful vocals.

A special treat is opening track ‘Kill You’ which is an energetic track underlined by vociferous guitars and hard bashing drums. This release is a mind blowing piece of work that won’t only excite mosh pit lovers with long hair.  

‘Noughts and Crosses’ will be available from 18th December


Neil C Young 'Trio' Review

Neil C Young’s newest EP ‘Trio’ is a record that will please both Jazz fans and general music lovers alike. The man, whose name is easily confused with you-know-who, is a true explorer of modern Jazz guitar. Trio is a salute to the fusion of soul, rhythm and progressive guitar rock.

A personal highlight is the song ‘Aguas Calientes’ which evokes the freshness and dynamic that’s usually at the very heart of Jazz. It’s a funky, upbeat track that is underlined by a smooth vibe which gets you into the groove.

The EP is out January 22nd

Listen here:


December 14, 2015

Featured Holiday Track: Doug Hammer-Deck The Halls

Doug Hammer is a piano player par excellence! After hearing his latest release Christmas Lights it is easy to make a statement like that with conviction.

"Deck The Halls" was one of my key tracks in my review and here is why...The song is a classic that has been around for a very long time and to take it then shape it into something entirely different to make it your own without losing its essence is a task. Hammer did just that.

The rolling piano is comparable to beginning with little ripples in the water then building up to full size waves of sound. Most importantly you will recognize it but with many new twists and turns. That is what makes it so fresh and inviting to your ears.

Doug Hammer delivers the spirit of the Holiday in his own way with "Deck The Halls."

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Doug Hammer:

Multi-award winning pianist, composer and producer Doug Hammer has been involved with music since the age of three and began piano lessons at the age of six. He was educated in contemporary, jazz and classical styles of music.

A scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Doug’s musical world continued to flourish, gaining experience in everything from record production to orchestration and arranging. After Berklee, he opened his own project studio and production company, Dreamworld Productions. His studio and skills have served the needs of many, working on projects for film, web, TV, radio and corporations. He has produced countless artists in a diversity of styles.

After many years of success with his business, Doug started releasing his own music. It has won countless awards and nominations from radio, websites and media. His music is widely popular on internet, satellite and radio stations all over the world. It has received millions of plays on Pandora, Spotify, Music Choice and Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. His album, Solace, is a big hit on Pandora and his double album, Travels, won Album of the Year on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Doug recently released his ninth album, Haiku. It contains fifteen meticulously handcrafted songs, distilled to their essence. He also just released Christmas Lights, featuring seventeen traditional favorites and a new original composition, Christmas Lights. The album debuted on Pandora Premieres and has charted to #3 on Amazon and #8 on iTunes.

Doug continues to tour regularly across the United States. He recently performed at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Please visit www.doughammer.net for more information.

December 11, 2015

Guitar Virtuoso Todd Grubbs To Release New Vocal Album “As The Worm Turns”

Tampa, FL - Best known for his virtuosic guitar instrumental albums, Tampa guitarist Todd Grubbs will be releasing for the first time a predominantly “vocal” album titled “As The Worm Turns”. Not to fear, you still hear Todd shred on guitar throughout the album, but this time around the tracks are more “song” oriented.

Says Todd, “I have been writing and working on these songs for the last couple of years. I have 2 vocal albums with the band 3 Green Windows but I wanted to do a true solo album with a bunch of different singers. I have really enjoyed creating all of my instrumental CDs but I kinda feel like I have made my statement in that genre, my new goal is to equal my instrumental output with vocal projects.”

The beginning of “As The Worm Turns” features a conceptual piece about a former soldier's personal crises. Todd explains, “The first 4 songs are actually a concept piece about a soldier that begins with him dealing with his demons in mid life (The Man in the Hat). The story then goes back into his time during the D Day invasion (Stay Alive). The Other side of forever is a companion piece to Stay Alive, telling the soldier's wife's experience at home.The 4th song of this mini concept piece is We are one and it is the soldier at the end of his life coming to peace and trying to understand everything he has been through.”

“With a clear soaring tone, Grubbs has the chops to keep the shred heads satisfied but it's certainly not his raison d' etre. More interested in melody and feel than speed, Grubbs knows when to hold back as much as when to fire away.” - Guitar World

Todd Grubbs' core band as always is Jeff Henry on Drums Alan Tatum on Bass. Also included, Daniel Swartwood and Eddie Ray Myers on keyboards. Todd also has some great singers involved, Zack Stevens (Savatage, Circle to Circle) John Wesley (Solo,Porcupine Tree) Todd Plant (Eyewitness,Cryptic Vision) as well as a couple of fantastic young singers, Emily Velasco and Melanie Sims.

Todd Grubbs studied at Berklee College of Music and has been voted 'Most Outstanding Guitarist' at the Tampa Bay Music Awards, as well as winning the 'Most Outstanding Video' two consecutive years in a row. Along with Frank Zappa, Grubbs influences, which can be heard throughout Time, Space and the Electric, range from Steve Vai, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, Ulli Jon Roth and Adrian Belew.

“Todd knows that chops without good compositions, original arrangements and a good sense of humor lead nowhere, as he has all the goods; he can go anywhere he wants. Todd boasts a big fat juicy tone, chops to kill for and a predilection for a certain hyperactive musical schizophrenia with compositions shifting stylistically on a moments notice.” - Tampa Tribune

Along with the release of “As The Worm Turns”, Todd has 4 videos for this project all available on youtube. “The Man in the Hat” and “Stay Alive” feature Zak Stevens, “Venus is Falling” features Emily Velasco and “We Are One” features John Wesley.

In closing Todd has this to say, “My only real message I wish to impart is my love for creating music, I think I enjoy it more than ever.”

Watch Todd Grubbs videos:

Todd Grubbs youtube channel

To purchase Todd Grubbs “As The Worm Turns”:

For more information: 

Press Inquiries: 
Glass Onyon PR
Phone: 828-350-8158,

December 9, 2015

Instrumental Solo Piano: Tim Neumark-Starlight

The album Galaxy is Tim Neumark's sixth release. Our focus track for the release is "Starlight." 

Already familiar with this gentleman's music it was easy for me to become enchanted once his fingers hit those wonderful ivory keys.

With "Starlight" Neumark creates heaven on earth. The simplicity is the beauty of the track and his flow and approach brings you through a river of emotions both elating and perhaps a touch of sadness as you reflect upon your innermost thoughts.

Simply put this is a gorgeous melody that should not be missed!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Tim:
A picture of Tim Neumark.Tim was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic, spending much of his youth in Frostburg, Maryland. In his childhood and early adulthood his foremost passion was athletics, and he participated in baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and track. He also developed a taste for classical and new age music in his teenage years, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his talent for the piano.

For years, Tim travelled the country for work, frequently playing his own compositions in hotel lobbies. At the urging of his wife and others, he finally released his debut CD in 2007.

Tim currently lives with his wife and two daughters in the Washington, DC area.

About Tim's Music:
Tim composes solo piano music that is "emotional, beautiful music that tells a story." Featuring a combination of classical and new age styles, he has released six solo piano albums.

His 2014 album Storm was named Best Solo Piano Album of 2014 by One World Music. In addition, Storm was named one of the best CDs of 2014 by Audiosyncracy, received two Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) nominations, and was nominated for Enlightened Piano Radio's 2014 Album of the Year award. His 2013 album Opus Four was nominated by SoloPiano.com for Classical/Neo-Classical album of the year and received two HMMA nominations. 

Tim's music can be heard on the following internet radio broadcasts (Note that these links open a new tab.)

Galaxy (2015):
Galaxy is Tim's sixth CD, released in May 2015. This album includes all of the tracks from Tim's 2014-2015 track-a-month campaign. Galaxy was named Best Instrumental/Piano Album in June 2015 by The Akademia Music Awards.
Space... the final frontier... the tracks on this album are inspired by the awe and beauty of space. Almost a 50/50 mix of minor and major pieces, Galaxy includes both energetic pieces (Orbit, Perspective, Starlight) and calmer pieces to capture certain moods (Night, Time's Arrow, Vast). For the full background about this album and its tracks, see Galaxy: Behind the music.

Download the CD liner notes in PDF, or visit the store to buy the CD and sheet music.

December 7, 2015

Featured Stream: Three Wise Monkeys-Panopticon

Three Wise Monkeys are an interesting trio. They are bit of a mystery regarding how they came to be however it did not take long to ascertain that they know exactly what they are doing with their instruments.

The members are: Brad Kypo (Guitar), Alex King (Bass) and Brendon Waterman (Drums). They hail from down under in Sydney Australia.

They have a new album Progettoarte that is coming out in a few days and the focus track here is "Panopticon." 


"Panopticon" is a marvelous track and the trio makes the best of their talents with a fast moving and ever changing pace. It is indeed very progressive. As their sound is so appropriately explained on their Facebook page "Featuring some drop D riffage, two handed bass tapping in a weird time signature and some mighty drum pounding." Well I could not have encapsulated their sound much better myself!

This is what prog and experimental music is all about, pushing the musical envelope and making sounds that capture the imagination. This is great music that needs to be heard! 

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

December 5, 2015

Drum Legend Terry Bozzio To Release “Composer Series” 4-CD/DVD!

Los Angeles - Legendary & award winning melodic drummer, Terry Bozzio is releasing worldwide, what he calls a “Life's Work” project of Art & Music on the Japanese label Ward Records in December 2015. Bozzio is embarking on a world tour to promote it starting in Japan and Europe in the fall of 2015 & continuing throughout the US & other territories in 2016. Terry has worked with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Korn, UK, Missing Persons, Mick Jagger, Robbie Robertson, Alan Holdsworth, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, Quincy Jones, Ken Scott, Metropole Orkest, SMAP, Loudness' Munetaka Higuchi & “X” Japan's Hide - as well as Film score composers Basil Poledouris, Mark Isham & Patrick O'Hearn - see more at www.terrybozzio.com - Grammy winner, RockWalk Honoree, Modern Drummer magazine's Hall of Fame Award, Rolling Stone's Top 5 Drummers of All Time!

Says Bozzio, “I've been composing, (not just song writing, like for Missing Persons & Jeff Beck) since the '70s. I compose in all styles (as one might classify them), from classical to ambient, electronic, film-like to fusion/rock or jazz. I have my own character or personality, it's unique. I work with many different processes from writing notes on paper, to recording live, to several different computer software applications I may use, that are suited to the particular result I am trying to achieve. Both Zappa & famed musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky encouraged me to compose & I have had my Chamberworks performed at the Vienna Jazz Festival & in Holland w/Metropol Orkest.”

He continued, “I first got interested in Art & Sketching at the encouragement of renowned artist Don Van Vliet (aka: Captain Beefheart) who I played with on my first Zappa/Mothers of Invention tour in 1975. Don was always carrying markers & paper & it looked like fun, so I bought some myself & started. He was very encouraging. Last year, I released my first project called Rhythm & Sketch in collaboration with the art group Scene Four. It's been successful & inspired me to do more. (available at www.terrybozzioart.com)”

Terry Bozzio fulfilled a major 2 &1/2 month US solo tour in 2014 in which he displayed his art as a stage set while performing melodic, tuned melodies on his strikingly large drum set, to sold out crowds.

“I thought it would be great to share this music which I’ve been working on & keeping to myself for so long. I hope to show a different side of my expression from what people are used to seeing from my solo drumming. And, I wanted to have an abstract painting to represent & be paired with each title to create this hybrid project of music & art,” Bozzio explained.

The “Composer Series” contains 59 individual pieces or movements of compositions with a painting in a booklet for each title, along with detailed liner notes for each piece, explaining his concepts, feelings, process and approach for each. It will be available in a deluxe hard-cover artbook which includes Terry Bozzio’s hand drawn illustrations and commentary for each piece, audio CDs & a solo drum performance Blu-Ray shot in Japan in 2015 (w/bonus footage), 192kHz/24bit Hi-Res audio of the 59 pieces on Blu-ray and a bonus DVD including 60min talk session of Terry Bozzio with Masa Ito. The material will also be made available in CD/DVD or 4CD/Blu-ray for record stores, as well as in many or individual downloadable formats online.

Release Formats:
Direct sales only Premium Edition / 4CD + Blu-ray + Hi-Res Audio Blu-ray + Bonus DVD (region free) - WRDZZ-334 (Limited to 500 sets)
All discs are enclosed in a hard-cover book along with Terry’s hand-drawn paintings and commentary (includes Japanese translations), with Terry's autograph. Fans purchasing the Premium Edition could participate an album listening event and autograph session with Terry Bozzio on 18th December 2015 *Details to be announced at a later date.

CD Track list:
CD1 Fusion1
1. North 101
2. Joe
3. Existential
4. Psychic Energy
5. Arabia
6. Cityscape
7. Offering
8. What Is A Memory?
9. Watched (Under Surveillance)
10. Me, Jeff & Tony
CD2 Fusion2
1. Marked Man
2. Al & Doug
3. Blues for ?
4. Miles
5. Fascist
6.Heavy Metal
7. Beast
8. Psychopath
9. Db Modal
10. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
11.Three Friends
12. ADD
13. Rondo for Woodwinds
CD3 Classic
1. Six Miniatures for Guitar & Piano
2. Far East
3. Music For Idiots
Three Postcards From Japan
4. Ukiyoe (Full Version)
5. Matsuri (Festival)
6. Haiku (Go-Shichi-Go, 5-7-5)
7. The Courier
8. Sunday Morning
9. Wisteria
10. Mayumi
11. Afro-Industrial Fugue
12. Orchid
13. An Adventure in Modern Spain
14. Elegy
15. Drama
16. Herr Nordegg
17. What She Never Heard
18. Ukiyoe (String Quartet Version) (bonus track)
CD4 Ambient
1. Silenced
2. Self Deceived
3. Anime
4. Liquid
5. Displaced
6. Conversion Process
7. Perception of Honesty
8. Trees In Winter
9. Dream
10. Document 2.5
11. Siren
12. Dark Energy
13. Yon wa no Karasu (4 Crows)
14. Fractalization
15. Shrine
16. Cloud Chamber
17. In Memoriam 9-11
18. Alone

Blu-ray/DVD Contents (region free):
Terry Bozzio Drum Solo at Landmark Studio
Introducing Terry Bozzio's Drum Set
Terry Bozzio's Drum Set set up and take down time-lapse video

Blu-ray: Linear PCM Stereo / DTS HD Master Audio
DVD: Dolby Digital Stereo / Dolby Digital 5.1ch Surround Sound
Audio Blu-ray

Bonus DVD:
Terry Bozzio and Masa Ito Talk Session
Run Time: Approximately 60 minutes

To purchase:
Hardcover Book Premium Edition 4CD+Blu-ray+Blu-ray (Audio)+Bonus DVD: http://wardrecords.com/SHOP/WRDZZ334_OS.html
4CD+Blu-ray: http://wardrecords.com/SHOP/GQCS90069_3_OS.html
4CD+DVD: http://wardrecords.com/SHOP/GQCS90074_8_OS.html

JAPAN TOUR 2015 / 2016 An Evening with Terry Bozzio
*Celebrating the release of “Terry Bozzio Composer Series” CD Box Set*

04 Dec (Fri) – Takasaki (Gunma) / Club Fleez
13 Dec (Sun) – Koufu (Yamanashi) / Sakuraza
22 Dec (Tue) – Toyama / Summer Knight
25 Dec (Fri) – Kanazawa (Ishikawa) / AZ
27 Dec (Sun) – Fukui /Chop

04 Jan 2016 (Mon) billboard-LIVE Tokyo
06 Jan 2016 (Wed) billboard-LIVE Osaka

Terry Bozzio's Official Drum Tech:  Mitsutaka "Michi" Edakawa

For more information: www.terrybozzio.com
Terry Bozzio biography: http://terrybozzio.com/biography/

Phone:  0049-(0)-8324-933-851
Fax:  0049-(0)-8324-933-829
E-Mail:  info@MAXIMUMBooking.com
www.MAXIMUMBooking.com ;;

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, Billy James, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

November 28, 2015

Featured Track: Candice Night-Once In A Garden

Candice Night is well known for her role as the lead singer for Blackmore's Night however she has also carved out a very successful solo career as well.

With Starlight Starbright she dedicated the album to her own children and the songs serve as a magical journey of a child. It is the second video release from the album.  

This song was composed  by her daughter Autumn when she was just two years old. Candice heard her singing to her dolls and recorded the song. Autumn appears in the video with Candice.

Candice is living the dream and indicates that on her website and it is very apparent in her songs on the new release.

"Once In A Garden" shows children frolicking outside and loving life. Nobody could have put the feelings of a mother into proper perspective better than Candice. This is a beautifully done track featuring one of the most compelling voices in music.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Candice:


Did you have a  dream?

I did...I'll tell you mine...as a child I always dreamed of being a singer. I had a vivid imagination and it was easy for me to transport myself to a simpler, more magical time. I took acting and singing lessons from the age of 4 and became involved in modeling, commerical work and little theater productions. As a teen music was my great escape. I knew I had to be around music for my career so I went to work at a radio station and as chance would have it met my husband.  It was 1989. He was in Deep Purple and challenged our radio station to a charity soccer match.

He took me on the road with him in 1993 and when he needed a singer for his Difficult To Cure Solo, asked me to be his voice.

He then reformed Rainbow and needed a lyricist. I co-wrote 4 songs on the Stranger In Us All cd and won my first of many gold records and awards.

In our downtime we wrote music that was a release from the stress of the world. A place of fantasy, of star filled skies, castles on hillsides and honor and chivalry. Breathing new life into melodies from the 12th to 15 hundreds we added new lyrics and instrumentation. This musical escape became our band: Blackmore's Night. We have performed in this incarnation for 18 years releasing cds almost yearly.

We tour castles with an 8 piece band and play a wide variety of music from Renaissance to Rock to Folk to ballads and instrumentals. We wear garb from another time and encourage our audience to do the same to be a part of the journey.

I have also released a solo cd entitled: Reflections and we do a lot of work with animal charities worldwide.

And, yes, I am living my dream....

November 25, 2015

Christmas Stream: Bunny Sigler-Little Drummer Boy

Bunny Sigler is one of those kings of R&B that makes his mark count whenever he gets into the studio. With the release of a Christmas album this year titled
When Your In Love At Christmas Time it shows his versatility.

The first single released from that album is the timeless classic "Little Drummer Boy." 

I like all kinds of music and have been open to different interpretations of well known songs over the years however this one really caught my ear. It is funky and rich with sound and rhythm. 

The talent of Mr. Sigler comes through with impact on this holiday treat bringing the spirit and meaning of the season right home to the heart. I have heard many different types of Christmas music in my day and I have to say that this "Little Drummer Boy" is a classic rendition the artist made all his own.

Give this alternative version of a classic song a chance to get you in the right mood to enjoy the Holidays!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Bunny Sigler:


Bunny was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1941. The industry gave him the nickname, “Mr. Emotion” after his heartfelt performances on stage.

After seeing Bunny perform at Atlantic City’s Ambassador Hotel, Independent Producers John Madara and Dave White signed him a deal that led to the release on Cameo of “Let The Good Times Roll” and “Feels So Good”. The groovy yet smooth tune reached 12 in the U.S. R&B Billboard charts, and his music career skyrocketed from there.

With the Philly soul sound so hot, Sigler got a chance to work with a number of acts as a writer and/or producer, including the Whispers, Ecstacy, Passion And Pain and Carl Carlton. He cut tracks for artists on Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label, including Mayfield himself ("Trippin' Out"), and made a duet album with Barbara Mason. In 1976, Sigler got Instant Funk an album deal with Gamble Huff's TSOP label.

Creating several hits over the span of his career that today's generation keep sampling, Bunny continues to write, produce and record new material. He is the co-writer of the song, “The Ruler's Back” which was an opening song for the Jay Z's album, "Blueprint". At 70 years old "there ain't no stopping us now" claims "Sigler"...

He's a living legend alright and a huge part of music history. Whether it's performing, writing or producing he gives it his all....

It's no wonder why the Industry has nicknamed him "Mr. Emotion."

November 23, 2015

Stream Feature: Sara Stevens - Promise

Sara Stevens just turned 15 years old and when you hear her voice you will be amazed how mature it sounds. I know we have all heard the term child prodigy overused in many areas of life however this young lady defines that term!

On the track "Promise" she sings about sending her daddy an angel while at war and while doing so sounds like one. 

This adult contemporary piece is a beautiful arrangement that highlights her incredible vocals. I can see Sara becoming a big star either as someone similar to Susan Boyle or finding her place in performing operas. Either way she is a success and will continue on that path.

Listen to this track and a future star at work!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Sara:


Sara Stevens Performing
Sara Stevens has the kind of voice you hear once in a lifetime. Crystal-pure in tone, soaring from warm lows to shiver-inducing highs, it combines natural sweetness with conviction and power.That voice alone is enough to make Sara a remarkable artist.  What’s even more amazing is that she is 15 years old. Sara is one of those undeniable talents who can make the most skeptical music professional sit up and take notice. “Most of the time, when people say, ‘I want you to hear this really talented 12 year-old, you go, ‘yeah, right,’” composer/producer Paul Schwartz, conductor of Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera, reminisces. “But I’ve never worked with anyone like Sara. Her voice would be surprising coming out of anybody. It’s one of those sounds that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

She’s just fantastically musical naturally.”Whether she’s singing an operatic aria, a musical theater standard or a tune she helped to write, Sara’s ability to embody the soul of a song is a rare gift. More than just displaying technical excellence, she brings a deep emotional commitment to her music. You can’t help but be a little in awe of what she does. (Excerpt of Bio from artist webpage)