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February 8, 2015

Track Evaluation: Sasha's Bloc-Sunday Blues

Sasha's Bloc is a jazz ensemble  that can be appreciated for their original music and traditional jazz sounds.

The music is solid and so are the vocals on their forthcoming release Heart on Fire (check the video EPK provided).

"Sunday Blues" is a proper jazz/blues track that effectively highlights all the talents of the band and the sultry and sublime vocals of  Jane Monheit.

MuzikMan Rating 5/5

More About Sasha's Bloc:


With a big-band sound that recalls the vibe of New Orleans’
Preservation Hall Jazz Band infused with the Blues, a hint of Gypsy
Jazz, contemporary jazz and swing, Sasha’s Bloc have been playing 
to sold-out shows across Southern California for the past two years
and have developed a loyal following across the country.

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