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June 30, 2015

Featured Track: Michael Grimm-Black and White

Lord have mercy does this man have it going on! Michael Grimm is just bursting with endless energy and down to the gut level soul on his new release titled Grimm.

One of the best tracks is "Black and White." The track most certainly will turn some heads and the accompanying video is a great setting to all the words and music.

Michael is a star on the rise and with a solid album like Grimm and tracks like "Black and White" I am certain he will be receiving plenty of attention.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck- 5/5 Stars

More About Michael Grimm:

Most recently, Michael spent a good portion of the year recording a brand new album entitled “Grimm” that is a collection of brand new original songs written and composed by Michael himself. Production was held at Studio 824 in Las Vegas with the assistance of long time friend and fellow musician Jamie Borden. “Grimm” was released June 15, 2015 during Michael’s headlining summer, limited engagement, residency at Hard Rock Las Vegas. After which Michael will hit the road for both National and International Tours with the album, which is being played on the radio throughout the country!

June 25, 2015

Men With Ven "Check Your Prostate" Single Review

Men With Ven are no strangers to controversy. After crashing the ‘SPY’ premiere in order to serenade Jason Statham with their beautiful ode of the same name, Men With Ven have returned with an in depth medical tutorial detailing the precise course of action that should be undertaken if one has a suspicion relating to prostate cancer.

“Check Your Prostate” was conceived at The Spotted Dog in Barking. Under the roof of this fine establishment Men With Ven decided they needed to raise awareness for prostate cancer and felt that the best way to spread the message was through the medium of song.

This video, full to the brim of in-depth techniques to help check and prevent prostate cancer is carried along by a catchy riff and tight harmonies. All though unseemly at times the video is quite comic and light-hearted.

The band was spurned to write this song after their friend was tragically killed by the disease. Their mentality was that if just one life was saved by their video they would count it as a success.

Men With Ven are serving a honourable cause whilst appearing light hearted and humorous at the same time. A rare talent and one the band seem to excel at.

Watch the video for the single here:

For more information go to:

June 24, 2015

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Featured On New CD By Dual Female Fronted Power Trio TANG

“TANG Rocks!” - Dee Snider

NYC - One of the hottest releases of 2015 is undoubtedly the new album by dual female fronted alternative metal power trio TANG featuring a guest appearance by legendary Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider! Titled “Blood & Sand”, TANG's new CD features a duet with Dee Snider on the track “Reign of Blood”!

Says guitarist Denny Colt, “Bonnie knew Dee from back in the day when they both did the club circuit...I hooked up with Dee when I was in Van Helsing's Curse with him..so we have quite the connection. He's a really nice guy & did such a great job on the duet with Bonnie on 'Reign of Blood.'”

Hailing from New York, TANG features Bonnie Parker on Vox & Bass and Denny Colt on Vox, Lead Guitar & Keyboards, and have been trading phrases back and forth in their own ripping style since 1999. Mark Edwards, formerly of Criss Angel & Burning Star, now brings skull-splitting drum beats and a monster attitude. TANG has toured Europe, Canada and the US opening shows for such artists as Crucified Barbara, Girlschool, W.A.S.P., Dokken, Hammerfall, Helloween, Dee Snider, Symphony X and many, many other cool bands.

Denny played guitar, toured & recorded in Dee Snider's “Van Helsing’s Curse”, the gothic rock orchestra. Bonnie & Denny have currently played, toured & recorded, with Corky Laing from Mountain in his new band “Corky Laing & The Memory Thieves”. They are also working with Corky in Finland, writing, recording & performing on a rock opera called “Playing God” which was presented in Helsinki in 2014. The opera was presented in the US in April 2015 at Yale University & Hunter College.

“I love the total rock vibe of the new TANG CD! It’s real, it’s vital - it’s brilliant.” - Corky Laing

TANG is featured in the new Fred Carpenter film, “Charlie Mantle”, performing their song “Crashing”. The film debuted summer of 2014 and stars Armand Assante, Sean Young and Robert Funaro. Says Bonnie, “TANG was in the film performing the song in a Russian mob club as the lead character, Robert Funaro (of The Soprano's), is at the end of his dirty cop career & everything is 'crashing' down around him. Great concept by director Fred Carpenter!”

Watch TANG's new video:

Now much to the excitement of their fans worldwide, on September 1, 2015, TANG is releasing their new CD “Blood & Sand”!

Says Denny, “TANG is currently promoting the release of 'Blood & Sand' doing shows in the tri-state area. We are talking with promoters in Europe, Scandinavia & the US about setting up a tour. Our first CD, 'Mental Pollution' was on a Swedish label, Raw Power UK, and we toured Scandinavia to support it. The tours were very successful culminating with TANG performing at the Sweden Rock Fest.”

Denny Colt - Guitar, keys & vocals
Bonnie Parker - Bass & vocals
Mark Edwards – Drums

To purchase TANG's “Blood & Sand”:


Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

Featured Track: Heidi Breyer-Touchstone

My philosophy is "Let the music move you." If you have that kind of mindset just before you hit play, the music can do so many things for you. 

Music is healing and spiritual and Heidi Breyer makes music that comes from her soul.

Heidi Comments: Our lives acquire the deepest meaning when we have love in our hearts and when we discover that we are loved by someone else. That love becomes our "Touchstone."

On her new album Letters From Far Away and the amazingly expressive track "Touchstone," the beauty of life and love blossom through her fingers via the ivory keys. Listen to the stream and let it take you to another place....

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-5/5 STARS

More About Heidi Bryer and Her Music: 

“As children we perceive music very physically and allow it to carry us away to a different place…these are our first experiential, unsung emotions”.

“As adults music enables a conscious transformation. If we just let it, it can calm, excite, heal, release, lift us up…and carry us to wherever we want to go…”

June 22, 2015

Still Got Me by Andorra Indie Music Review


Andorra is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia PA. The band consists of 4 well dressed, not-so-clean shaven dudes that play a 90s style of rock with a free flowing sound that can take shape into any direction.

Still Got Me is a fun, upbeat song straight off their recently released album Etc, Etc, Etc. Nostalgic of a young fun weekend night hanging out with friends and living an 'ideal' life filled with excitement and memories. The song has a bit of an older school (80's?) feel. I like the instruments and vocals from 00-48 and the harmony on "you still got me and the rest of your life."

Take a listen...


Find out more about Andorra
instagram: @andorra_music
twitter: @andorramusic

June 19, 2015

Dave Fidler EP Review

Based in the North West, Dave Fidler is a supremely talented acoustic guitarist, whose folk style and intricate finger picking underneath a distinct vocal has the ability to warm and break your heart in equal measure. His songs spin tales we can all relate to, around themes of love, loss and birth – all themes shaped by Fidler’s own personal life over the last year or so. 

Easy Gone, Easy Come – is the first song of the EP. And has a really easy on the ear guitar throughout it! Along with the harmonious vocals creates something really special within this track! The lyrics are also really high-quality being about the loss of his father but him becoming a father himself so it provides really pleasant imagery in the listeners mind.

Ailsa – has a bit more of a slower tempo then the previous song, But the vocals are definitely a bit more melodic! The guitar is quieter as well but that makes the vocals seem a lot stronger in this song and is definitely the main attraction of this song!

These Days – Is a really well built song out of the EP! The melodic vocals and backing instrument behind the guitar it made me think it wasn’t even live how professional it sounded! It has quite a lot of intervals to just allow the pleasant-sounding guitar and backing instrument to be played!

A Song For Nico - Another live song which you wouldn’t have even known it was live! Has a really nice introduction to it with the easy on the ear guitar and background instrument similar to the previous song. The vocals are also well built portraying a narrative about nico really superb! Has a choir towards the end of this song as well!
Follow Me – The last and final song from the EP, and is probably the best in my opinion! Dave fiddler again has a backing choir behind him in this song but they are more involved in this song. Really easy on the ear song to finish off a fantastic EP!

To wrap up Dave Fidlers EP “Easy Gone, Easy Come” is a fantastic EP showcasing really easy on the ear song along with melodic vocals and harmonious guitar. And is definitely a EP I would recommend for relaxing and be brought here: http://www.davefidler.com/shop/easy-gone-easy-come-ep-pre-order

If you’re still not convinced, we challenge you to watch his recent session for cult YouTube Channel ‘Ont' Sofa’ without being supremely impressed:


Cherry White – “Staring At The Sun” EP Review

Cherry White, a London based 4-piece seem to have mastered that age old combination of hard hitting songs and sublime technical musicality. Drawing from classic rock influences such as Fleetwood Mac and  The Raconteur’s, Cherry White have demonstrated they intend to rise to the lofty heights of their genre defining heroes.  

“Staring at the Sun” is a testament to their musical prowess and draws on a breadth of influences that make it a must listen.  “Drifter” the lead single of the EP is a brooding swamp rock anthem showcasing the feral nature of Donata’s vocals and Russell’s ferocious guitar licks. Donata’s vocal tone is somewhere between Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie Sioux giving it an anthemic quality reminiscent of 70s stadium rock. “Do It Better” helps to cement Cherry White’s position as a band of the future reliant on the sounds of the past. An air of post punk by way of Tango in the Night creates a interesting mix of musicality and fierce lyricism. Cherry White is able to also convey their musical message through a softer, acoustic approach.  “Angel” is one such song that evokes emotion through the thoughtful lyrics while still standing up musically. The true star of the song being Ralph on bass, showcasing a jazz element to his playing that lifts the song to another plain. The next track, “7 Days” could easily be a prime time Van Halen track, it has just the right amount of 80s shredding to make it truly enjoyable. In contrast “Blue Eyes” is supple piece with a highly effective build up, ending on a crescendo worthy of praise. On the theme of praise, “Staring At The Sun” the final track on the EP is a masterful demonstration of eloquent song writing and rhythmic technicality that further reinforces the transcendent quality of the band.

Each song adheres to the preconceived notion of classic blues rock but adds subtle twists to craft a truly unique sound. With anthems more suitable for stadiums than dimly lit clubs, Cherry White is on course to becoming a classic band in their own right .

Check them out at:
Twitter – cherrywhitegigs
Instagram – cherrywhitemusic

June 18, 2015

Vida Double A side Single ‘Electric Lady’/’Fade Away’ Review

A truly exciting band who have been likened to some of the shining lights of UK indie, Vida are a British four piece who are going places. Drawing comparisons to a wide ranging indie catalogue, including the likes of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Black Keys, Miles Kane and more, their growing reputation has seen them garnering recognition from some of the country’s top tastemakers.

Their new single is a double A-side release showing two of the different sides of the group. First, ‘Electric Lady’ tells the story of repeated overnight stays with the same girl after meeting on several nights out, and the awkwardness that follows the next morning. Meanwhile, ‘Fade Away’ speaks of a completely different kind of awkward – finding yourself in the same room as an ex…

Fade Away – With an array of easy on the ear sounds varying from the choir in the background of this song. The fantastic guitar or the pleasant-sounding vocals! Is a really slow paced but smooth track!

Electric Lady - Is definitely more upbeat then the previous song and the vocals are better built as well.  A really energetic and heavy guitar riff is included in this track! The drums are also superb in this track, setting the pace of this track along with the drums!

Overall Vida’s double single is a really fantastic double single showing two sides of Vida! I personally prefer the second side of Vida (Electric Lady) both equally have a lot of potential to hit the charts! 
Listen to the tracks for yourself here:

June 16, 2015

Featured Track: Gordon Weiss-I'm Your Fan

It has been 7 years since Gordon Weiss released an album. It's About Time says it all! Once again musician and studio wizard Jeff Cannata is behind the mixing board for the recording.

"I'm Your Fan" is one of the most colorful and expressive tracks on the album. There is truth and humor surrounding the story and its accompanied by some great pop rock music.

As I recall from my previous experience with Mr. Weiss, he knows how to spin a yarn and add just the right touch from a musical standpoint to come up with an entertaining mixture for your senses.

"I'm Your Fan" hits the bulls-eye of your heart and soul. Give it a listen and I guarantee a smile will come to your face.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-Rating 4/5 Stars

More About Gordon Weiss:

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gordon Weiss made his debut musical performance miming on the recorder along with the other third graders, which made him vow to learn to play an instrument for real. His first true foray into the world of music took the form of studying classical trumpet for eight years, culminating in two performances at Carnegie Hall with the New York City All-City Band. It was deja-vu when he stood up for a trumpet fanfare to find that his mouthpiece had fallen out backstage.

By then Gordon had been bitten by the Beatle bug and his love for clever songwriting with strong melodic hooks took over full force. But it was the power chords of Pete Townshend and The Who that made him give up the trumpet and pick up an old acoustic guitar, which he promptly stripped of two strings so he could play along with all of John Entwistle’s bass lines. Gordon soon acquired a proper bass and played in bands in high school and college, before adding a Stratocaster to his collection, which prompted his first attempts at singing and songwriting.

Realizing that playing in bands with names like “Dead Grotty” would unlikely lead to a record deal, Gordon went to medical school and eventually became a child psychiatrist. He relocated to Connecticut and continued to feed his cravings for classic rock and pop music, with healthy doses of Elvis Costello, Squeeze, XTC, Crowded House, Jellyfish, Honeydogs, and Candy Butchers, while amassing a catalog of his own songs that he played at occasional impromptu gigs, open mikes, or family gatherings.

A thoughtful gift of drum lessons to help him learn to really bang out some of those Neil Peart licks he had always air drummed along to, led to forming a musical friendship with great session drummer Greg Trabandt of RVP Studios. After hearing of Gordon’s unfulfilled dream to make a record of his original music, Greg not only introduced Gordon to veteran producer Jeff Cannata, but agreed to play drums on all the tracks of Sum Of Its Parts. Featuring brilliant contributions from ace keyboard player Jeff Batter and soaring vocal harmonies from Pete Hodson and Bill Welch of Z-Plan, Gordon wanted to keep this first solo album personal by playing the rest of the instruments himself. The album was released on Gornpop Records, a nickname for Gordon referencing an affection for a large, albiet very slow, lizard from Star Trek.

A world tour did not follow. But thanks to The Weirdo Mike Viola Superfan StageIt Group, a wonderfully supportive community of fans, many of whom are fellow musicians, Gordon kept writing and playing online live performances, including a performance of side 2 of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in its entirety with support from his daughters and nephews. After a seven year hiatus, Gornpop Records is pleased to announce the release of It’s About Time featuring nine new original songs.

NYC Prog Ensemble Consider The Source To Release 2CD Set “World War Trio (Parts II & III)”

NYC - Much to the excitement of Prog fans worldwide, NYC trio Consider the Source is releasing the second installment of their epic, three part grand vision, World War Trio. Following the dense, nearly 24 minute, five part composition that comprised World War Trio (Part I), this double album begins with the trio of masterful technicians' progressive rock, metal and jazz foundation, then draw from Middle Eastern, Indian and Eastern European traditions - balancing shifting moods and tempos, cerebral and emotional jabs and intellectual and primal pursuits - into a dynamic and cinematic audio experience that has been described by one critic as “the soundtrack to an alien invasion”. A relentless touring schedule has won the band a fervent following from California to Israel, with fans ranging from jam-band hippies and jazz cats to metal headbangers and prog aficionados.

Watch Consider The Source's new video here:

Recorded at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign, “World War Trio” is Consider The Source's first release in four years and their first recording with drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann, whose recent addition has supercharged the band’s chemistry. “World War Trio” spans three discs and a universe of sonic territory. Their masterful improvisation, frenetic energy, and unique blend of progressive rock and Middle Eastern music have brought them worldwide acclaim, and a rigorous global tour schedule has forged them into a fearsome live band.

“When we decided to go back into the studio, we made a pact to go all in emotionally, physically, temporally and mentally. This piece was a rite of passage for us and we are beyond excited to share it with you, our fans. We ask that when you listen to this album, please do so in an undistracted environment, preferably in headphones or high quality speakers. We have tried to capture unique emotions that cannot fully come across while listening on laptop speakers. Thank you so much. We hope you enjoy.” - CTS

Formed in 2004, Consider the Source features Gabriel Marin on fretless double-neck guitar, bassist John Ferrara, and drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann. Called “the guiding light for his generation of six-stringers”, Marin channels the mystical fury of McLaughlin and Coltrane into wailing melodies, kaleidoscopic soundscapes and boneshaking riffs. With a background in classical musics both European and Indian, and an instinct for avant-jazz and destructive metal, Marin's hypnotic fusion of styles is ever unpredictable. Ferrara's propulsive, percussive attack, equally suited to simple grooves and impossible chords, can ground the music or launch it into space. His madcap gumbo of slap bass, Indian rhythms, earthy minimalism and complex tapping constantly pushes into strange new worlds, whilst still dropping thick booty-clap beats. Underneath them lies Mann's rolling thunder; dense rhythmic architecture built from pure swagger and bounce. Half double-bass prog-metal, half crackle-pop Buddy Rich swing, with African and Balkan swirls, Mann's muscular, freewheeling polyrhythms are the engine fuel for CTS's multiversal mischief. Even when not improvising, The trio's music is always a conversation, a roiling stew of dynamic interplay. Each member of Consider the Source
alternately leads and follows, spars and assists; in any single song, alliances are made and broken, bargains struck and divorces finalized.

Touring from coast to coast, as well as Europe and the Middle East, has not only earned the band thousands of fans, but has allowed them to perform with a wide variety of well-known artists, including Victor Wooten, Wayne Krantz, King Crimson Projekt, Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Wyclef Jean, Andy Statman, Matt Darriau (Paradox Trio), Oteil Burbridge, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Dumpstaphunk, Keller Williams, George Porter Jr., Jeff Sipe, Panzerballet (Germany), Eatliz (Israel), Freak Kitchen (Sweden), Morglbl (France) and many others. They have performed at numerous festivals and events including Gathering of the Vibes (Connecticut), Peach Fest (Pennsylvania), Summercamp (Illinois), Catskill Chill (New York), Aura Music & Arts Festival (Florida), Jazz Fest (New Orleans), Burning Man (Nevada), Head For The Hills Festival & SXSW (Texas), Rootwire (Ohio) and the The WerkOut (Ohio), to name a handful.

Here's what the press have been raving about Consider The Source!

“Mesmerizing World Metal…” - Melissa Giannini – Village Voice

“Welcome to a new age in music. If you want a truly unbelievable, face-melting, head-banging musical experience, Consider the Source is for you.. jaw-dropping live performance that no other band can touch. ” - Headspace Magazine

“Pulling off music that is this complex is akin to walking a tightrope in high winds. Making all of it groove, move and breathe organically is an even more-daunting challenge. Rarely is music this progressive so . . . well, sexy and exotic are the words that come to mind. Music for the brain and the body, then.” - Buffalo News

“Intense jams, showcasing their diversity and pushing their instruments to the proverbial limit” - Relix Magazine

“If you’re curious as to what the kids are listening to in the Big Apple, Consider The Source may provide the answers.” - Earvolution

“They created monstrous sounds that they themselves could barely control and ate the crowd alive.” - Upstate Live

“A shimmering prog-rock opus” - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Having seen them live, I completely understand why people are so fanatical about them. They were amazing.” - Guilt Free Pleasures

“Impressive improvisational skills and signature Middle Eastern motifs.” - Jambase

To purchase Consider The Source - "World War Trio (Parts II & III) DBL CD:   bit.ly/WorldWarTrioPartIIPartIII
“World War Trio EP (Part 1)”: http://considerthesourcemusic.bandcamp.com ;

For more information: 

Techne Records

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

“Walking Underwater Pt 2” By Johnny Wore Black

“Walking Underwater Pt 2” is the latest full length release by the dark and brooding Johnny Wore Black. JWB has utilised the talents of producer David Bottrill (Stone Sour) and Megadeath bassist David Ellefson in crafting this album and their talents really shine through. The release is an interesting mix of metal and prog intertwined with alternative rock which is testament to the eclectic tastes of its creator.

The album comprises of singles “A Cut Above”, “A Gift of Desperation” and “Noise” and 7 brand new tracks. All the tracks are relatively similar in nature with soaring distorted vocals rising above driving guitars and crushing bass lines. The opening track Firefly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The continual pounding of the lower frequencies gives a warm cushion from where to explore. Fallen Angels has an almost metal like quality to it, something that prevails throughout the rest of the album. The standout out song of the release is without a doubt “Comfy Slippers.” Reverb laced vocals and guitars give an almost ethereal quality to the track which leads on to majestic power chords. The faultless combination of thought provoking lyrics and musical hooks make this track in particular, irresistible.

The release as a whole is confident and beautifully produced. Sonically, it assaults the senses leaving the listener feeling both drained and reinvigorated at the same time. It is an acquired taste musically but offers all the essentials of great rock music; hard hitting, driving songs with fantastic lyrics.

Watch the video for 'Comfy Slippers' here: 

“Walking Underwater Pt “  is available worldwide now - 

Twitter: @johnnyworeblack

June 13, 2015

Guitar Legend Merrell Fankhauser Releases New Sci-Fi Symphonic Instrumental Surf Album “Signals From Malibu” on Gonzo Multimedia

Arroyo Grande, CA - Guitar legend Merrell Fankhauser has released a new Sci-Fi symphonic instrumental surf album “Signals From Malibu” featuring strange radio signals from the underwater anomaly off the Malibu California coast. A few years back UFO buffs began investigating some strange electronic signals that appeared to be emanating from a spot deep beneath the Pacific Ocean off the Malibu coast. They reported bizarre psychic phenomena in conjunction with them, and legendary surf guitarist Merrell Fankhauser was inspired to write music based on, and including them.

Says Merrell, “The song 'Signals From Malibu' was inspired by the odd anomaly that is off the coast of Malibu California 2000 feet on the ocean floor. The area has had many sightings of UFO's diving into and coming out of the ocean. This has led many to believe it is an underwater base. An ex Army radio expert recorded some strange signals coming from the area. The signal recordings were sent to me by Michael C. Luckman director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research and I incorporated them into the song. After listening more to the signals I was compelled to write a symphonic song using more of the signals titled 'Messages From The Dome'. I had the feeling the signals were communicating with me and I was inspired to keep writing the rest of the songs on this disc. If you feel tingly after listening don't worry its perfectly natural!”

Merrell Fankhauser is considered one of the main innovators of surf music and psychedelic folk rock, and is widely known as the leader of the instrumental surf group The Impacts who had the international hit “Wipeout”. He has presented a number of television programs over the years including 'California Music', 'Route 66 TV Live', and in 2001 he began hosting a music show called 'Tiki Lounge' that airs on the California Central Coast, Southern California, Hawaii and parts of the East Coast.

Watch the promotional video for “Signals From Malibu”:

2. MALIBU USO 3:19
4. POINT DUME 4:23
8. MYSTO SPOT 2:53

Merrell's new CD comes hot on the heels of his recently released critically acclaimed biography “Calling From A Star”, also released on Gonzo Multimedia.

To purchase “Signals From Malibu” CD:

To Purchase “Calling From A Star” (book):


Official website:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

June 12, 2015

Deadly Circus Fire: ‘The Hydra’s Tailor’ Review

In Darkness We Trust - the opening song on the album, It has sluggish tempo compared to other of the songs on The Hydra’s Tailor. But this song isn’t in shape for their genre they contain but that’s what exclusively sets up the album! 

Animal - the subsequently song in the album and is masses more precise to its genre then the earlier song. It truly helps to let the chorus stand out throughout and construct up to it! With a really intense pleasant breakdown towards the end! With a pleasant-sounding chorus but jagged warped vocals. 

Where It Lies - Has a really fine profound guitar riff sure to get blood circulating! Approximately ¾ the way throughout this song it turns time-consuming downwards to swiftness again with a chorus! Up in anticipation of the chorus at what time it becomes more pleasant! The vocals are sturdy in this song truly changes rhythm between the coarse screams and being easy on the ear!

Victim – Is the weighty song in the album! It drops into a breakdown towards the end to depart the track on a thunderous note. The first half is overflowing with profound guitar riffs and brawny vocals up until middle through when it becomes easy on the ear almost nerve-jangling!

Devil’s Opera – The riffs are grand in this song! All through the song the vocals are a great deal cleaner contrasted to others on the album in anticipation of about midstream where it starts to turn out to be more profound and up!

Rise Again – The drums being if truth be told on form setting tempo! incredibly burly vocals which set off with the guitar riff truly well in this track! The vocals yet again are comparatively cleaner in this track. They are as fine as devil’s opera!

Martyrs – Interlude

House of Plagues –Truly vigorous rhythm and vocals all through this track! This song also has an in fact good build up until the chorus. Immense chorus line in this song, on top the riff is beguiling!

Aeden - The guitar riff is exceptional additionally the drums being outstanding for making the pace in this track! The song with no trouble is the most intense and common with breakdowns in the album! 

The Hydra’s Tailor – With truly hefty vocals and pace switches completed on form this is my most wanted track from the album! The vocals in general express meaning wonderfully! Is the key song commencing the album, the album being the song that the album is named following and you can distinguish precisely why!

Turning The Tide – It has a pleasant riff and a large number of high-quality rhythm changes being completed by the guitar and drums! Has a captivating chorus as well as a grand breakdown part the way down.

Universe - is moreover the longest track in the album essentially making it an extended departure to the listeners! Is mainly the slowest pace song in the album, being fairly pleasant-sounding!

To conclude, Deadly Circus Fire – The Hydra’s Tailor is certainly an album to look out for this June the 16th!  An unbelievable album jam-packed with immense guitar riffs, outstanding pleasant-sounding clean choruses and terrific breakdowns! 


Alt-Rogue-Folk-Rock Group Yeti Love To Release New Single On June 15th

Folk duo from south set to release their latest new single, ‘Lonely Road’, is set for release on June 15th, and you can hear it here.


The pair have labelled their unique combination as ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’, which is as fitting a description as any. Based in South London, they have been playing together since 2012 and ‘Lonely Road’ is the latest fruit of their labours.

In the years since their foundation, Yeti Love have been slowly building in following an momentum thanks to their thoughtful songwriting and eye catching live show, which has earned them some fantastic coverage for their work up until this point. The buzz is building, and in ‘Lonely Road’ they have the right vehicle to continue on that journey

If you want to see the band they have lots of upcoming tour dates:

Live Dates:
May 13th - Red Lion Godalming
May 21st- Kings Head Guildford
June 4th  Shortlands Tavern London
June 6th  Matthews Yard  Croydon
June 11th  Pelton Arms Greenwich
June 19th Barge Inn Wiltshire
June 21st  The Acoustic Solstice et la fete de la musique   Batley Yorkshire
July 12th  One Summers Day Festival  Guilford 
August 29th  Airballoon Garden Party Coulsdon 

For more information on the band check them out here:

June 11, 2015

Kinky Dove Rock Out With New Self-Titled EP

3 track release set to be unleashed on June 15th
Born in in Australia but now living in London, Kindy Dove is the musical moniker of frontman Scott Wade and his evolving collective of musicians. Progenitors of gritty, driving rock, the group are readying themselves for a fresh assault on the music industry with a brand new three track EP.

 Their particular brand of rock and roll, defined in many ways by the bluesy, post-rock growl of Wade on vocals, is currently in short supply both nationally and globally, and Kinky Dove are now looking to redress that balance.

For a taste of their punchy style, check out the video to EP track ‘Some Kind of Fool’, featuring an epic slap-happy montage of Hollywood moments.


June 4, 2015

UK Country Rock Band Quill Featuring Bev Bevan of ELO, The Move and Black Sabbath to Release New Album “Brush With The Moon”

Birmingham, UK - QUILL is a well-established, 7-piece country/folk/rock band based in Birmingham, England, from the same stable as ELO, Black Sabbath, The Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) and more, have been wowing audiences for many years. In the past, all of these musicians played in and around Birmingham and kept in touch with each other.

Says lead singer Joy Strachan–Brain, “ 'Brush With The Moon' is Quill's first album to be released Worldwide and we are excited!!Until 2012, Quill was one of the busiest gigging bands in the UK, just getting out there and making music. Our self-penned album 'Privileged' sums up how we felt, doing a job we loved, visiting interesting countries , meeting amazing people and making music.”

The band's new album “Brush With The Moon” is a collection of songs written by the late BEN BRAIN. Ben was bass player and husband to Quill's lead singer Joy Strachan–Brain. He left a legacy of wonderful songs and inspired by Jeff Lynne's use of John Lennon’s demos on “Free as a bird”, Quill was moved to use Ben's vocals and original demos to create this new album. “Brush with the Moon” is a tribute to Ben and has truly been a labor of love.

Featuring respected musicians: Bev Bevan (ELO, Black Sabbath), Brian Tatler (Diamond Head), Tony Kelsey (who has played guitar with Robert Plant, Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi) and Matt Davies (well respected bass player and vocalist) along with band members Joy Strachan-Brain, Dave Bailey, Kate McWilliam and Tim Tandler

Bev Bevan commented, “Over the years I have always been an admirer of Quill. I was particularly a fan of Joy, the lead singer, who I considered to be the best female singer around the Midlands area. When I was asked to put a band together for a national tour called 'Stand up and Rock and found that the show needed a female lead vocalist, I immediately asked Joy to be part of it and she agreed. Since then 'Stand up and Rock' has become one of the most successful shows around with sell out tours around Great Britain. About a year ago I joined Quill as percussionist (being a drummer, I have always also liked playing percussion instruments too and have done so in the studio with The Move, ELO, Black Sabbath and Jose Feliciano). It's great to be doing it live on stage now, and playing drums on some songs too. The line up has changed since I joined and the band now has a more folk and country rockier edge to it. The band is also now concentrating on just theatre shows and festivals and I'm very proud to be part of it and delighted to be on this current , newly released album 'Brush With The Moon'. Joy and I are writing songs together and we are looking forward to recording tracks for another album to be released later this year.”

Ben Brain was not only a fantastic wordsmith and performer, but a well respected artist. All of the album artwork consists of Ben's sketches, which accompany his handwritten lyrics. All of Ben's drawings seemed appropriate for the “Brush With The Moon” digipak artwork. The front cover is a water colour painting Ben had produced depicting the songs on the album. Additional artwork contribution to the album was from Ben's daughter, Jenna Swann.

JOY STRACHAN-BRAIN (lead vocals)
KATE McWILLIAM (violin/vocals)
DAVE BAILEY (keyboards/acoustic guitar/vocals)
TIM TANDLER (drums/percussion)
BEV BEVAN (drums/percussion)
MATT DAVIES (bass guitar/vocals)
TONY KELSEY (guitar/mandolin/vocals)

1. Quicksilver
2. Tumbling Years
3. Schoolyard
4. Poppy Fields
5. Nine Mile Camp
6. England
7. Hollywood Blue
8. Wedding Dress
9. Twister
10. Man In White

To purchase Quill's “Brush With The Moon”:
Amazon: http://geni.us/h5Y
iTunes: http://geni.us/2CPd

QUILL is enjoying performing to sell-out shows throughout the UK, taking the audience on an exciting and emotional journey that features songs from an album that the audience can relate to.

Quill tour dates
Acoustic Festival of GB - June 21, 2015, Uttoxeter Racecourse Wood Lane ST14
Americana Festival - July 12, 2015, Loughborough Road Loughborough LE12
Robin 2 - August 1, 2015,
Artrix Theatre - August 15, 2015, Bromsgrove Highway Bromsgrove B60
Abbey Theatre - September 26, 2015, Abbey Green Nuneaton CV11
Prince of Wales Theatre - October 9, 2015, Arts Centre Cannock WS11 1DE
Assembly Rooms - November 7, 2015, 1 Mill Street Ludlow
Sutton Coldfield Town Hall - December 4, 2015, Upper Clifton Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 6AB
Huntingdon Hall - December 11, 2015, Crowngate shopping Centre Worcester

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Official Website: www.quilluk.com

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June 1, 2015

Contemplative Guitarist Tom Caufield Expands His Sonic Palette on Breakthrough Release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb’

“Tom Caufield is a great American songwriter, period, end of story. Lend him your ears.” – David Wild, Rolling Stone

Los Angeles - Tom Caufield is a contemplative guitarist with an uncommonly melodic style, and though his music shares traits with ambient music, one still walks away humming identifiable melodies that float in an effortless dream-stream, built into traditional verse-chorus-bridge structures. “I grew up on the popular rock, pop, folk and soul of the times,” says Caufield of his musical boyhood, “so even when I make contemplative mood music, I can’t help but infuse it with a strong melodic storyline.” That’s good news for listeners who love relaxing music and memorable hooks.

Blessed with an ineffable touch on the fret board, Caufield’s 6th release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb,’ represents a breakthrough, bringing to fruition the promise of his earlier albums and giving birth to something wholly unique – his own distinctive take on what can be done with the modern, acoustic guitar based album. After four sparse, contemplative, ‘guitarist alone in a cathedral’ albums, Caufield desired to capture more of the depth of engagement on offer from the side-long tracks of classic ‘70s prog-rock and ambient albums (think: Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports,’ and Mike Oldfield’s ‘Ommadawn’), and so created and released the 22 minute single ‘Rust of the New Babylon.’

“I thought of my favorite artists, and reimagined the context,” says Caufield. “I wondered what it would sound like were Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana to grab a couple of acoustic guitars and trade licks, after hours, backed up by ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ era Pink Floyd.”

The whole thing works – with blues and Spanish tinged phrases dancing like lace and pain over a soft, natural, wooden bass, brush-kit drums, Fender Rhodes and Hammond organ backing, creating a groove that sounds like ‘giant seaweed swaying.’ In addition to a larger sonic palette, Caufield also discovered another crucial element in making a sound all his own: improvisation, adding this to his already formidable compositions skills.

“Music to slow the relentless pace of life” – Bruce Gall, Atmospheres/One World Music

“My foundation, my most crucial starting point, is that I try and emulate the dynamics, cycles and patterns of nature,” says Caufield, “and reinforce the idea that metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics are simply different languages expressing the same idea. It’s hopefully, all together, a way of giving a voice to the inarticulate speech of the heart.”

The new album journeys farther into this sonic territory. From the 24 minute opener “Waif Among the Reeds”, one is swept into a seductive dreamworld of spiraling, elegant, Spanish, pop, folk and blues tinged guitar, composed and improvised soloing, accompanied by creamy, retro Moog synthesizers and Arp synth strings. The phrases echo the minimal Zen restraint of Weather Report era Wayne Shorter – more suggestions than finished melodies.

The poignant reverie ‘Rubies on Fallen Leaves’ and epic ‘Palace of Broken Mirrors’ round out the collection.

Citing Harold Budd, Mike Oldfield, Tony Banks, Vangelis, & Brian Eno as his primary musical models, Caufield admits to relating more to ambient music artists and their aesthetic ideals than other acoustic guitarists, who he feels are “more structured, roots-based or conversely, adventurous and explorative than I’m aiming to be.” His main influence as a guitarist is probably Carlos Santana, and “the simplified Andres Segovia pieces that were assigned to me when I first took lessons.” He also cites as influences, and offers admiration for Will Ackerman, Ralph Towner, and Pierre Bensusan.

Caufield’s first four albums all charted in the Top 20 of Zone Music Reporters’ Top 100 Radio Airplay Charts, with his debut, ‘The Slow Dance of Time’ making the Top 10. His music has been featured on John Diliberto’s syndicated NPR program ‘Echoes,’ and is a regular feature on Music Exchange’s streaming network ‘Soundscapes,’ in addition to receiving airplay on over 50 airwaves based stations nationwide.

“There is a level of emotional clarity in this music that is a rare find.”– RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Caufield’s aim is to convey emotion as directly as possible, yet leave lots of space for listeners to find room for themselves inside the music. Eschewing busy arrangements and speedy passages, his compositions are minimalist, sparse and create an experience that is relaxing, yet involving.

Offering a chill blend of creamy, retro yet modern music that will amplify the sound of your heart and soul, Caufield’s sound is a 21st century take on contemplative instrumental music. Wooden and natural, peaceful and evocative, ancient yet modern (i.e.: timeless), accessible, yet hinting at life's complexity, Tom Caufield’s music will transport you to a place you probably don’t visit enough - your deeper self.

Watch Tom Caufield in Live Performance Here:

Video:“The Weakness That Leads to Strength”:

To purchase Tom Caufield’s “Things I Heard While in the Womb”:
CDBaby– http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomcaufield9

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Track Feature: Michael Stribling-A Better Place

Michael Stribling's new album A Better Place was released this month and the title track says it all. If you are looking for a better place and space than what you are in presently, this music will take you there.

The inviting sounds are a great way to start your day as I just found out. The textures and colors brought forth are mesmerizing and pleasant as any new age music I have heard and I look forward to enjoying the entire album.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 5/5 Stars

Listen Now!

 More About Michael:

I started piano lessons at age 7, and I also studied violin, clarinet, and guitar for a time. But when the Beatles arrived in America in 1964, I switched to drums and never looked back. I earned a Bachelors in Music (emphasis in percussion performance) in 1974, and then promptly went on the road and played drums for a fella named Johnny Mathis. Before that, though, I was a radio announcer in the early '70s for what would now be referred to as a Classic Rock station (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc.). Along the way, I did lots of studio work as a performer, composer/arranger, producer, engineer, etc., and I also played lots of musical theater productions.

In 1981, I changed careers and went off to graduate school, leaving music behind, and eventually becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist in 1992. I worked in the mental health field for many years. One of the most memorable experiences of that part of the journey was studying transpersonal psychology with Stan Grof. I returned to my first love (music) in 2005 after—what else?—life transitions. After all those years and projects, working for others, I finally decided it was time to produce an album "all by myself".

Some of my musical influences (among many, many others) include The Beatles, Jan Hammer, Vangelis, Paul Winter et al., Pat Metheny, Patrick O'Hearn, Steve Roach, J. S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa (heck, this could get ridiculously long). While there have been many life/spiritual influences, here are the most significant ones over the past couple of years: David R Hawkins, John Diamond, Eckhart Tolle, Lester Levenson, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Lao-tzu (again, among many others).

That brings me up to now. I formed Leela Music (leela means "divine play") to undertake a very simple mission: to help others in their journey toward wholeness through the gift of music, by creating works that inspire and uplift the human spirit.