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June 18, 2015

Vida Double A side Single ‘Electric Lady’/’Fade Away’ Review

A truly exciting band who have been likened to some of the shining lights of UK indie, Vida are a British four piece who are going places. Drawing comparisons to a wide ranging indie catalogue, including the likes of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Black Keys, Miles Kane and more, their growing reputation has seen them garnering recognition from some of the country’s top tastemakers.

Their new single is a double A-side release showing two of the different sides of the group. First, ‘Electric Lady’ tells the story of repeated overnight stays with the same girl after meeting on several nights out, and the awkwardness that follows the next morning. Meanwhile, ‘Fade Away’ speaks of a completely different kind of awkward – finding yourself in the same room as an ex…

Fade Away – With an array of easy on the ear sounds varying from the choir in the background of this song. The fantastic guitar or the pleasant-sounding vocals! Is a really slow paced but smooth track!

Electric Lady - Is definitely more upbeat then the previous song and the vocals are better built as well.  A really energetic and heavy guitar riff is included in this track! The drums are also superb in this track, setting the pace of this track along with the drums!

Overall Vida’s double single is a really fantastic double single showing two sides of Vida! I personally prefer the second side of Vida (Electric Lady) both equally have a lot of potential to hit the charts! 
Listen to the tracks for yourself here:

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