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August 27, 2015

Bentley Jones – ‘The Prequel’

Bentley Jones is a man of many talents – not only he is a qualified personal trainer, he has competed in gymnastics, swimming and martial arts, is a classical dancer – last year he performed in a sold-out show with the Birmingham Opera Company – and a renowned musician. As PHUNKSTAR he has produced remixes for some of the biggest names in pop music, from Ariana Grande to Katy Perry, and as a composer has contributed to soundtracks for game franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog. And now, as Bentley Jones, he is debuting tracks from the forthcoming EP, ‘The Prequel’.
Jones accepts that his success has come not from following others but from breaking rules; after charting unexpectedly in Japan, he became the first ever British artist to release an album on major label AVEX, recording songs in Japenese as well as English. He has also appeared with pop artist May J., collaborated with rapper SHUN and given the approval superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. Not bad for a musician from the West Midlands.

While in Japan, he was heralded as the next big thing in music, and he is living up to expectations with his latest release. Comparisons to the likes of David Guetta and Avicii are not unwarranted on electronic track ‘Follow You Down’, while ‘So Much More’ approaches punk pop. Jones reveals his remarkable vocal range on ‘Axiomatis’ (ft. The TRUTHSt4lk3rz), a track on which he collaborated with his fans, who wrote lyrics, contributed backing vocals, and even appeared in the music video. Jones is devoted to his fans – he often spends time taking part in Livestreams, YouTube Q&A sessions and Twitter exchanges with his followers – and, by all accounts, his fans are dedicated to him, and with this release, he is about to make many more.



August 20, 2015

Singer / Songwriter Pete Kronowitt Releases Live Video For New Single Politically Charged "Change Is Gonna Come"

San Francisco, CA - San Francisco-based singer / songwriter Pete Kronowitt has released a video performance for his new politically charged song, "Change is Gonna Come," recorded live from the Cafe du Soleil in Lower Haight. The hopeful anthem was inspired both by the legends of American folk, as well as today's struggle for justice and equity. Pete co-wrote the song with Atlanta-based Chuck McDowell at a recent songwriting retreat in Crisfield, Maryland.

"Change is Gonna Come" is the most recent release from Kronowitt, an upbeat blend of The Lumineers and Bruce Springsteen channeling Woody Guthrie. With lyrics inspired by the most recent interview of social rights heroine Malala Yousafzai on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, the song celebrates stories of strength, courage and action.

"Fifteen years in, this 21st century has been contentious and divisive: two wars, bitter elections leading to unproductive partisanship, and increasing economic disparity. The media and politicians believe dividing us is in their interest, "said Kronowitt, introducing the song on YouTube. "But I remain hopeful, because every now and then some person is faced with a decision, regardless of personal risk, takes the path which has a profound impact. That's what this song is about."

About Pete Kronowitt:
Pete's first album, "Phases of the Heart" recorded in 1993 has a universal appeal covering themes from family and heartbreak, to societal struggles; his music is an emotive fusion of acoustic pop and indie folk. Pete’s first album was recorded and produced by John Alagia, of Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, and Ben Folds Five fame. Pete’s second album, “Threads,” was produced by Pete Snell, who toured extensively with Lyle Lovett. Pete's albums, including his more recent releases, "elements" and "Threads" are available on iTunes and streaming from Spotify and other major music services.

What Critics Are Saying About Pete Kronowitt:

"There is a tremendous comparison available here in Kronowitt's case, in Which Kronowitt sets eirself to be the inheritor of the mantle Elvis Costello." - JMcQ, neufutur.com

"Sounds sincere and you can feel the drive for merit and love in his voice." - Erika Ellis, thecelebritycafe.com

Pete has toured extensively throughout the United States and Asia, on his own and with collaborator and long-time friend, bassist John Coppola.

Information or bookings, contact Pete at PeteKronowitt@gmail.com or +1 (310) 871-2923.

You Tube

Facebook facebook.com/PeteKronowittMusic
Twitter twitter@troub #ChangeSong

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, glassonyonpr@gmail.com or +1 (828) 350-8158

World New Age Stream: Get Tribal-KVED At One In The World

Get Tribal is a group that pays tribute to ancient rhythms and spirituality. Kari Hohne is the artist that drives this new project, Radio God, due out on October 6th 2015.

"KVED At One In The World" is a sample of what to expect when the album is released. The combination of world beats, new age tones and ambient chill will appeal to a diverse audience of listeners.

I found the combination pleasantly intriguing and look forward to hearing more. This track is like a teaser that pulls you in to immerse you in the entire presentation. The meaning of this music can have many however my own interpretation is that it brings you closer to mother earth, the spirit of the human soul and the heartbeat of mankind and how we come together when the music merges with our consciousness.

Listen and make your own decisions on what it can mean for you but by all means listen to the track and video provided! Make sure you check out the links as the site provides a wealth of information about many subjects that point to self improvement and spirituality.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-4.5/5 STARS

More About Get Tribal:


"KVED: At One in the World" is a sample of the genre fusion and blending of ethnic rhythms and modern beats that are at the soul of our soon to be released album Radio God. Inspired by the Vedic Chant Om Dum Durgayei Namaha: “Om (the sound of the universe) and salutations to the bestower of compassion, fearlessness and patience. May you bless me with your protection and love.” Infusing the music of India with the call and response of traditional Reggae blues, the sitar and guitar blend in this mantra style composition. The delay bubbling effect on the guitar is reminiscent of Indra’s elaborate net of jewels where all of life is a reflection of the One. A perfect track for Shavasana or reflection after yoga and exercise. This album will officially release October 6, 2015 and information can be found at www.get-tribal.com or at www.facebook.com/gogettribal.

August 19, 2015

Track Feature: Peter Calandra-First Light

Peter Calandra's new release First Light (release date 9/21/15) features more intriguing instrumentals from the long time composer and musician.

The title track is in focus on this feature. The song is very descriptive and suits the title perfectly. Gentle piano invites you in at the gates of dawn and then as the sun rises over the mountain one by one different instruments are introduced and bring the song together and wake you with splendor.

I have no other way of explaining how this music sounds or feels, it certainly did make me realize I had the promise of a new day ahead. This is a pure and natural progression in music that immediately translated to feelings.

Listen and see what it does for you.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-5/5 Stars

More About Peter Calandra:


Peter Calandra is a New York City-based composer and keyboard player. He has scored 40 films including: Pat XO (2013 ESPN), BearCity2 (2012 Sharp Left), OWLAG Documentary (2012 Harpo, Lookalike), Unlikely Animal Friends 3-7 (2011-2012 NAtional Geographic) Rise (2010, Lookalike Productions, USFSA), Unmatched (2010 Lookalike Productions, ESPN), Dreams At The End Of A Rope (2010 Remy Award, Houston Film Festival), Red Right Wrong (2009 Stock’s-Eye Films) Let It Out The Movie (2008 Lookalike Productions, Kleenex, USOC) Night Into Day (2008 Lookalike Productions, Selection 2008 Los Angeles Short Film Festival), Trip To The Planetarium (2008 Licorne Films, Selection Cannes Film Festival) The Sickness (2007 Antidote Films) Jellysmoke (Winner 2005 Los Angeles Film Festival, Nominee 2006 Independent Spirit Award), Unknown Soldier (2004 CL Productions feature film, Winner 2004 Los Angeles and Philadelphia Film Festivals, Nominee 2005 Independent Spirit Award). 

He has scored television projects for National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, ABC-Touchstone, NBC, FOX Sports, A&E, and the Discovery Networks. He has also written over 1800 compositions for television broadcast including 37 theme packages for shows on Fox Sports Net, ESPN, Bravo, Discovery, ABC, Comcast Sports Net, Madison Square Garden Network, SNY and The Big Ten Network. His music is heard hundreds of times daily on both network and cable television all over the world. Peter spent 10 years as the Keyboard 1 player for the Broadway production of Miss Saigon. He also toured the U.S.A playing Keyboard 1 with Les Miserables and performed in the Broadway Production of Phantom Of The Opera.

August 14, 2015

Sinfiction – ‘Ugly Baby’ Review

I was initially sceptical about this track. It’s not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing name for a single ever but thankfully my fears were unfounded. The track is a masterful example of well executed indie rock. A grooving lofi bass complements the rhythmic strumming of the acoustic guitar. The vocals are loose and sleazy, they literally drip through the mix creating a splurge of noise and hooks. It is a complete triumph from start to finish. The guitar work alone is worthy of praise, differing tones and timbres seem to stretch out across the whole piece giving it a unique feel. This is definitely a band to watch, intently.


Check out the single below:

Shackleton – The Shackleton Experience Review

‘Shackleton’ is the brainchild of Karl Schmaltz, an eccentric Minnesota native with a passion for 20th Century history in particular the adventures of Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton.  The album is a rich mix of rock and prog with nods towards the likes of King Crimson and Led Zeppelin. All these influences and styles add to the complexity and richness of the album.

Schmaltz recreates the experience of the men, as the arrangement tells of their perilous passage. The listener is transported to the deck of the ship making its way across the Southern Ocean, hearing sound effects from the stormy seas to the creaking of the ship’s timber. The project has been described as a “metal opera”, but Schmaltz has, effectively, forged a genre of his own, revolutionising the way stories are told and music is heard.


Check out the ‘Wessel Sea’ here: 

Vidal & Curma On ‘Another Plane’ With New EP

Currently splitting time between their Northern Italian hometown of Padova and the UK’s capital, songwriters Vidal & Curma are a duo making a name for themselves on the London circuit. Playing in some of the most prestigious independent music venues in the city, their reputation has already won them a residency at the revered Proud Camden, where they were invited for repeat showings by popular demand thanks to the innate energy and sense of fun in their songs.

Their music boasts a loose, anarchic freshness without compromising on quality, giving an acoustic twist on the indie likes of The Libertines, The Strokes, Mac Demarco, and Velvet Underground to name a few. But perhaps their closest comparison is less well known – both Vidal and Curma are huge fans of  Django Reinhardt, a gypsy guitarist  from Belgium who was active from the 30s to the 50s. Reinhardt single-handedly invented the gypsy-jazz genre, and both band members consider him the best guitarist of all time.

His brilliance has clearly rubbed off, and the new three track EP ‘Another Plane’ is a real, offbeat, acoustic treat.

See Vidal & Curma in action with this live Tradiio session:

Specialising in writing songs about everyday problems faced by many, song themes vary from the difficulty of maintaining relationships nowadays, where everyone travels and moves a lot (Another Plane), to everyday situations that can lead to deep contemplation (‘Tonight’). The final track, ‘Never Say Again’, is about the unpredictability of meeting someone special in a massive city like London.

With each track boasting different elements which make them special individually, the combination of all three tracks makes for a very consistent release. And it’s all tied together with an acoustic irreverence that really sets them apart from other, more pretentious, peers. It’s an approach that clearly works, with the band already getting the attention of Universal Music Group A&R Manager Fausto Donato. A sign of things to come.

This is the first release on Tradiio Recordings, a new record label set up to release the best performing artists on Tradiio, a music discovery app for iOS, Android and Web. 

Tradiio is available here:

Vidal & Curma Links: 

Metasic – Single Review

Unrelenting 5 piece Metasic are back with new track ‘New Design.’ The lads combine hard and heavy grooves with complex lyrics and a variety of timbres. ‘New Design’ is a bruising track with differing themes and some very technically gifted performances from across the whole band. Having supported the likes of The Hoosiers and We Are Scientists, Metasic are definitely in a good position to be able to strike out into the mainstream and it will be exciting when they do.

Check out the new single here: 

August 13, 2015

Track Video Feature: The Electric Prunes-Blue Sky / Red Dress

Nobody does it like The Electric Prunes! If its been a while since you heard some vintage Garage/Psych Rock then I suggest you tune in and turn on the video.

Listen to the legendary Electric Prunes do a track of their recent releaes WaS.

Are you ready for some Prunetwang?

Let's rock!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaelck-5/5 STARS


More..A Lot More About This Great Band! And This Is Only One Decade..


In the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles, James Lowe, Mark Tulin and Ken Williams meet and decide to form a band.  The decision is made to concentrate on recording rather than learning cover songs in order to play parties and dances.  Dedicated to their goal from the start, their first drummer, Steve Acoff, is fired for deciding to go surfing instead of attending a rehearsal.  James introduces the band to Mike Weakley, a neighbor from Kansas who brings a real Rhythm and Blues feel on the drums.  A keyboard player, Dick Hargraves, is brought in and Mark switches to playing the bass.  This band becomes "The Sanctions".


"The Sanctions" evolve into "Jim and The Lords".  Dick Hargraves gives way to James Spagnola, who quick earns the nickname "Weasel".  The band now consists of  Ken and Weasel on guitars, Mark on bass, James on vocals and harmonica, and Mike on drums.  They play a few local clubs but remain focused on recording.  An audiophile friend of James, Russ Bottomley, has a home studio and it is here they record what will much later be released as "The Sanctions/Jim and The Lords" (Heartbeat Records).  The music is rough but shows their roots in blues, rock and surf.

The band is rehearsing in Mark's garage when his father invites Barbara Harris, who is standing outside, in to listen.  She likes what she hears and arranges for the band to play the birthday party for a friend (who would turn out to be the husband of one of the women who wrote "Too Much To Dream", Annette Tucker).  It is at this party they meet Dave Hassinger, at the time an RCA staff engineer who works with The Rolling Stones when they came to Los Angeles.

Dave tells the band that before he would consider recording with them he wants them to go home and learn to play Beatles songs like The Beatles, Rolling Stones songs like The Rolling Stones, Byrds songs like The Byrds...This way when they are in the studio they have reference points and will understand how to get certain sounds.  After a few months of intensive rehearsal they all get back together and the decision is made to go into the studio and record a single.  The 45 had "Ain't It Hard" (featuring James Lowe's only recording turn on bass) as an A-side and "Little Olive" as the B-side.  With this record the band got a one release deal with Reprise records, but they needed a different name.

Insert your favorite how they got their name story here.  Grapes...jokes...Mick Jagger...Flying pie plates...Whatever.

When the time comes to sign a recording contract Mike Weakley refuses to sign and quits the band.  Preston Ritter comes on as the band's drummer.

"Ain't It Hard" does absolutely nothing and Warner Brothers drops the band.  Dave gives the band several songs to work up for the next session.  Among the songs is the demo for what sounded like a country ballad, "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)".  Dave liked the title and told the group to make it into something they could record.  Another bout of sessions are scheduled, this time at Leon Russell's house on Skyhill Drive.  The recordings included "Luvin'", "Hideaway", and a cover of a Hollies song,  "Way of My Own".

Reprise resigns the band and makes Dave Hassinger a staff producer.  "Too Much To Dream", which the record company calls "the weird one", backed by a Lowe/Tulin song,  "Luvin" on the B-side, starts making some noise in the Pacific Northwest late in 1966.  If it holds on through the holiday season they might have something.


The record continues to grow in popularity and by January they have a full-fledged national hit record;except in New York City, which thought it too strange ("Too Much To Dream" is now recognized as possibly the first psychedelic hit record).  The band hustles back into the studio to record their first album at American Recording in North Hollywood.  It is at American, along with engineers Richie Podolor and Bill Cooper, that the band will do the remainder of their recording in the 1960s.

The band hits the road.  Their first tour is of the Pacific Northwest and it is in Spokane where they first hear their song on the radio.  Their second tour takes them through the South.  Their tour itineraries include performing with acts such as The Beach Boys, Cream, Luvin' Spoonful, Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane, and Buffalo Springfield. Throughout the year they remain constantly on the road, only taking time off to record their second album "Underground".

"Get Me To The World On Time" is released and becomes their second hit record.  This time the record is a bigger success on the east coast than on the west coast.

It is during the "Underground" sessions that relations with Dave Hassinger hit rock bottom. The  band and their producer do not agree on the direction to take.  Dave wants to turn out a hit, another "Too Much To Dream"(The best example of such an ill-conceived attempt is "Dr. Do-Good" with Dave Hassinger's "vocal" at the very end). The band wants to take their music even further outside, more experimental (this includes using as many experimental instruments as possible including the short-lived Vox Organ/Guitar).

During the recording of "Underground" Preston Ritter leaves the group and is replaced with the return of Mike Weakley, now known as Quint.    Later on in the year Weasel gets sick and is replaced by Mike Gannon on guitar.

"Underground", when released, is met with resounding indifference.   However, the band, continues to maintain a grueling tour/recording schedule. Before leaving for a European tour the band undertakes what will be their last studio recording sessions for over thirty years when they perform "Mass In F Minor".  Written and arranged by Dave Axelrod, this project marks the beginning of the end for the band.  After recording one track it is decided by everyone but the band that the complete group, with Mark being the only one to read music, is taking too long to learn the songs; studio musicians are brought in to replace Ken and Weasel.  Only Mark and Quint play on the remainder of the sessions.  James, sometimes backed by a Canadian group, "The Collectors", does all the vocals.

The band, now consisting of James, Mark, Quint, Ken and Mike Gannon (replacing Weasel who gets too sick to tour), take off on a tour of Europe. This includes a tour of Europe, where in Stockholm they are recorded by Swedish Public Radio.  These recordings will later be released on Heartbeat Records as "Stockholm 67" and remain the only live recordings of the band from that period.  For the tour a European single is released containing "Never Had It Better" (always a part of the band's live shows) and "Everybody Knows You're Not In Love".   These two songs will not appear anywhere else until 2002 and the release of the compilation CD "Lost Dreams" on Birdman Records.

While still in France Quint decides to quit the band and stay in Europe.  Upon returning to the U.S. Quint is replaced by Joe Dooley, who tours with the band but never appears on any of their 1960's recording.


"Mass in F Minor" garners some national attention, including an article in Time Magazine, but sales are disappointing. The band continues to tour until finally with virtually no existing relationship between the band and their manager or producer, tensions within the group come to a boil.  Following a few weeks of arguing while on the road, James quits the group.

The Electric Prunes, without James Lowe, attempt one more tour.  The band now consists of Ken, Mark, Jeromy Stuart (keyboards/vocals), and Kenny Loggins (guitar/vocals).  This tour is a disaster for audience and performers.  The band has no drummer and incapable of playing any of the hit records.   Upon their return to Los Angeles the remaining members of the band quit.

The original members of the band, the ones responsible for their sound and records, will not play again for over thirty years.


The Violence Of Ice By Rhett May

Melbourne songwriter releases string of new tracks with guitar led rock song on 2nd October.

Primarily influenced by the classic song writing of John Lennon, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Rhett May is a rock writer who has moulded his own sound over several decades in the industry. His self-produced rock is simple, raw and home-made – without over-the-top production but with plenty to say about May’s take on the modern world.

 Having spent a large part of his childhood in Calcutta, India, his guitar led songs are infused with the sounds of the Indian streets, giving his music a different flavour to the majority of current, cookie cutter rock music. By blending classic sensibilities with a twist of Indian culture, he has created a string of upcoming singles, the first of which will be

‘The Violence of Ice’ – out October 2nd.


August 11, 2015

Single Review - 'Rocket' By JUPE

Jupe craft infectious pop songs that have that annoying habit of staying in your consciences for a considerable amount of time. The band who hail from Ireland sound more like an American boy band then a collection of grafting males.

Their new single ‘Rocket’ combines elements of Maroon 5 and One Republic with nods to other notable boy bands of the era. Sonically it is relatively average, with major chord synths and single not bass lines. The star of this song is the vocals. The vocal line has a pop quality, basically meaning it is easy and refreshing to listen to

This music isn’t music you think about or contemplate, its more background music or music you play in the car. Jupe are a band that parents would be happy to send their kids to their gigs. There’s nothing dangerous or rock n roll about it, just good, honest pop music.

August 8, 2015

Video/Track Feature: Celestial Temple-Rasamayi and Paradiso

"Celestial Temple" is the focus track of the latest installment from Rasamayi and Paradiso. It is exactly what it claims to be. The title is very descriptive and when you hear the music or view the video the effect and purpose is transcendental.

The end result is achieved through the sounds and music that this duo create. Using unconventional instruments such as the Didgeridoo certainly presents a challenge, however they make it sound so natural and flowing with their presentation.

I highly recommend listening and viewing the video to get the full meaning and effect of this music. Welcome to the temple of the soul through Celestial Resonance.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 4.5/5 Stars

August 6, 2015

Rumboy – ‘Rumboy EP’ Review

Rumboy – ‘Rumboy EP’

Aged only 21, Jay Thackery has already played in venues across the North West, and recorded several EPs under different names. His latest project, Rumboy, sees his years of experience entertaining crowds come together in his most intriguing release yet.

Rumboy brings together pop melodies and darker lyrics, as he sings of bad break-ups and difficulties in relationships in ‘Stay’ and ‘Girl (Don’t Bother Me None)’, while ‘Whereuleftme’ recalls the heartbreaking ballads of superstar Sam Smith.

The Lancastrian’s lyrics won’t be winning Thackery awards any time soon – he declares “I’d do anything to make you stay / But you say you’re going away” – but he has produced decent guitar-driven pop songs which, for a debut, make him one to look out for.

The ‘Rumboy EP’ will be released on August 31st

For more information please visit:

Listen Here to the single 'Stay' here: