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August 14, 2015

Metasic – Single Review

Unrelenting 5 piece Metasic are back with new track ‘New Design.’ The lads combine hard and heavy grooves with complex lyrics and a variety of timbres. ‘New Design’ is a bruising track with differing themes and some very technically gifted performances from across the whole band. Having supported the likes of The Hoosiers and We Are Scientists, Metasic are definitely in a good position to be able to strike out into the mainstream and it will be exciting when they do.

Check out the new single here: 

1 comment:

  1. Followed this young band for some time now, seen them live a few times and never been disappointed by the performances. They play with passion and enthusiasm and have a raw cutting edge sound. When Metasic take to the stage, be prepared to be rocked from within. From the hard hitting heavy punchy sounds, to the slower melodic grooves, Metasic have shown they have a wide variety of talent throughout. This latest track, New Design, is another example and shows of their skills musically, creatively and vocally to perfection. Go download the fresh new sound to the Indie/Alt Rock scene NOW, then get yourself along the their next gig. This is a band that will never disappoint. The day the sounds and performances of Metasic go manistream, can't come to soon in my opinion. This is a band waiting for the world and the world is waiting for Metasic. Go rock the world lads...KTF