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August 11, 2015

Single Review - 'Rocket' By JUPE

Jupe craft infectious pop songs that have that annoying habit of staying in your consciences for a considerable amount of time. The band who hail from Ireland sound more like an American boy band then a collection of grafting males.

Their new single ‘Rocket’ combines elements of Maroon 5 and One Republic with nods to other notable boy bands of the era. Sonically it is relatively average, with major chord synths and single not bass lines. The star of this song is the vocals. The vocal line has a pop quality, basically meaning it is easy and refreshing to listen to

This music isn’t music you think about or contemplate, its more background music or music you play in the car. Jupe are a band that parents would be happy to send their kids to their gigs. There’s nothing dangerous or rock n roll about it, just good, honest pop music.

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