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September 19, 2015

Stream Feature: Agrelia's Castle-Elders and Ancestors

I am one of those people that believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we do not know the answer until it is standing right in front of us and in some instances a series of events unfolds to provide the answers we seek. The reason I am relating to all of this is because of the story behind the music presented here.

Paul and April Brown recently released a recording titled Agrelia's Castle Elders and Ancestors. Illness delivered many realizations to April Brown and her husband went on the journey with her. She found the flute and the rest is history or a part of what you are about to hear.

The title track "Elders and Ancestors" is  an atmospheric journey that transports the listener to a peaceful space. The flute, keyboards and April's angelic vocals is heaven on earth.

It is your choice to be guided by the music and in this case it comes naturally from beginning to end. Listen and see what it can do for you.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Paul & April:

The songs on ELDERS & ANCESTORS have grown from the artists’ journey together through the cancer landscape. They come from the desire to create peace, joy, and hope.

Combining the sounds of vintage Fender Rhodes, B3, and warm soundbeds with hauntingly beautiful vocals, Native American Style Flutes, guitars, cello, and sitar, set over the soothing sounds of nature, the music is both ethereal and earthy, calming and uplifting, inviting the listener on a heart-filling journey into a healing space for release, relief, and relaxation.

This offering to the world is Paul and April Brown’s way to give back to all of the wonderful teachers they have met along their journey, many of whom are no longer with us, who have shown them how to live, under difficult circumstances, with beauty and grace. This music is dedicated to all of them.

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