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October 30, 2015

Thula Borah EP Review

Scottish rock outfit Thula Borah have recently released their stunning EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead single ‘Bone Ships’. The band is named after an Indian recluse who went to his bedroom to study for exams in 1962 and has not emerged since.
The band mix classic rock influences such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Motor Head with newer bands such as Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit.
Lead single ‘Bone Ships’ form the EP is the perfect amalgamation of everything Thula Borah come to represent. The combination of an expansive rhythm section juxtaposed with intricate guitar work and strong vocals, Thula Borah are on to a winning formula.
New EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead track ‘Bone Ships’ is out now
Thula Borah are playing the following shows:

30th of October – Cellar 35, Aberdeen

6th of November – The Windsor, Kirkcaldy

Check Thula Borah out here:

Bentley Jones The Rebellion Review

Pop star and social magnate Bentley Jones returns with new sonically triumphant album ‘The Rebellion’. Mixing classic rock with pop sensibilities, interspersed with dance inspired beats, Bentley is carving out a new genre all of his own.

The album is brazen mix of Bentley’s previous work and an exploration into a totally new sonic landscape. Articulate, brilliant and haunting this album is both emotive and evocative with nods to the likes of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry.

The Rebellion’ is a slick, cohesive release with a statement of intent. Featuring a lead single of the same name, the whole album showcases a mature, confident songwriter who knows what he wants and will break down walls to get it.

‘The Rebellion’ is available worldwide on November 6th

For more form Bentley check out the links below:
OFFICIAL SITE:   www.bentleyjones.com
FACEBOOK:        www.facebook.com/BentleyJonesMusic
TWITTER:             @Bentley_Jones
YOUTUBE:           www.youtube.com/BentleyJonesMusic

Spooky Streams: Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Legacy's Halloween Survival Guide: Whether you are getting ready for a night of trick-or-treating, putting the final touches on the perfect scary costume, or throwing the ultimate Halloween party for all of your friends, we have the playlist you need for a hauntingly good time this Halloween...

October 29, 2015

Track Feature: Sarah Borges-Caught By The Rain

Sarah Borges has got soul from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Leaving her band and taking her music to the masses by herself was a big move. 

Listening to the new single "Caught By The Rain" is proof that her talent is strong enough to stand on its own. She may have been in an "in the rain" state of mind before taking such a risk but after listening to the new single I think there is no chance that there is a storm brewing at all. All the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on this exciting talent.

"Caught By The Rain" is bluesy and from the gut. Sarah's singing has just the right edge to it and the guitar playing is smokin' hot!

Give this track your time and you will not be sorry, you will want more!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Sarah Borges:


"Caught By The Rain” is available NOW for download on iTunes: smarturl.it/ke4ujt

Change is something that takes a little getting used to. If you need proof of this, ask the soulful Sarah Borges. After a long and successful stint with her band, The Broken Singles, 2011 marked the band’s breakup – and Sarah embarking on a solo career. She admits it took some time to adjust. “One of the things I didn’t expect is when you’re on stage and you’re doing a show, there’s certain things you have to do. You have to tune your guitar. You have to take a sip of your drink. It’s just inevitable. I guess I had my band mates fill in that space – whether it be telling jokes or on-stage banter. You can’t have that when it’s just you. That’s a change. You have to be ok with it being quiet for a second. Also, you play out with your bandmates so much – especially when you’ve been together for a long time, and you operate as a unit. You have to dig deep and think about how you’re going to make the show exciting by yourself instead of relying on others.”

However, “digging deep” has never been a problem for the Massachusetts native. Whether it be through performances or her writing, Borges has learned to dazzle – and do it well. That ability can be heard all over her 2014 Radio Sweetheart disc, as well as her upcoming follow-up, Good and Dirty, due in early 2016. She attributes that ability to a very eclectic sound, which she comes by naturally, she says.

“I would say that my sound is straight up rock and roll, but it’s the sum total of what my record collection looks like. The new record that I am working on is certainly more Americana than the last record was. It’s also more rock than the last record. I would say that it’s a version of the live shows – a lot of loud guitars and loud singing. You can certainly dance to it.”

October 26, 2015

UK Hitmakers Cutting Crew Release First New Album In Ten Years! OUT NOW!

London, UK - CUTTING CREW has announced details of their first new material for ten years. The multi-million selling, Grammy nominated UK outfit fronted by Nick Van Eede were responsible for one of the biggest hits of the 1980s - with (I Just) Died In Your Arms – and the band’s revelatory new album entitled Add To Favourites is their strongest to date and is OUT NOW on In Like Flynn Records, via Cherry Red Records.

A single from the album – the Jackson Browne/George Harrison-tinged Till The Money Run$ Out - was released on September 4th. With some glorious Californian harmonies Van Eede sings “Now you said that you like to play the field/And I should get over it/But when all of your games got to be revealed/I was the last to hear of it,”

It’s hardly surprising that (I Just) Died In Your Arms is seen as songwriter Nick Van Eede’s greatest achievement and yet this Pyrrhic victory surely masks Van Eede’s subsequent song-writing collaborations with artists including Mika, Pixie Lott, Marillion and Cher.

Add To Favourites, which features guitarists Gareth Moulton and Joolz Dunkley, bassist Nick Kay, keyboardist Jono Harrison, drummer Martyn Baker and the Blackjack Horns, is Van Eede’s “tip of the hat to artists I’ve always adored” – from Otis Redding to Frank Zappa(!)

The album also tackles weighty subjects such as relatives and friends gone too soon (Van Eede lost both his younger brother and his long-time Cutting Crew bedfellow Kevin MacMichael some time ago) on Looking For A Friend and the Berlin Wall on Berlin In Winter which Van Eede performed live in Berlin at the 25th Anniversary of The Wall’s demise last November.

Van Eede has revealed that he wrote “80% of the album under water” and the album’s startling artwork featuring our protagonist emerging as a knight from a swimming pool is inspired by the fact that Van Eede is a supremely gifted swimmer and that several of his friends have suggested he would be able to swim a mile whilst wearing full body armour. A full UK tour – due to take place above ground - is set to be announced in the next few weeks.

Watch the video for “Till The Money Run$ Out” Here:

Track Listing:

For more information: www.cuttingcrew.biz & www.facebook.com/CuttingCrewMusic

To purchase:
Amazon CD: http://geni.us/3m0k
Amazon Digital: http://geni.us/1MMb
iTunes: http://geni.us/1Xh0

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8258 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

October 23, 2015

Aks & Shabz Review

A London based duo who have been influenced to the likes of Krept & Konan, Skepta, JME, Sneakbo, Prof Green, Drake and more, Aks & Shabz are a fresh urban rap act with added grit.

Already making a name for themselves locally having played live in support of DJ Kaye and Mo Khan, the pair have also won independent props from the BBC Asian Network and Rudimental drummer Beany Bhebe.

The new single ‘In Love With Struggle’ is about the harsh realities of life and dealing with everyday struggles. Aks and Shabz have experienced tough living and gang violence and this has definetly come out in their latest record.

‘In Love With The Struggle’ is out now

Stream it here:

Check them out below:
Instagram @ AksShabz

Jupiter In Velvet 'The World Didn't Start With U' Album Review

Jupiter in Velvet is a singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist with a  passion for classic rock in the style of Aerosmith and Steve Vai. His upcoming single ‘The World Didn’t Start With U’ is a hard hitting rock track exploring multiple emotional themes. It is a great rack that conveys a lot of emotion and energy.
The musicality of the piece is frankly brilliant. The squealing guitar interspersed with booming bass and a driving rhythm section lay a fantastic foundation for his soaring vocal melodies.
Watch the video here:

‘The World Didn’t Start With U’ is taken from an LP of the same name which will be available later this year.
Check him out below:

Featured Track: Blackmore's Night-All Our Yesterdays

The tile track of Blackmore's Night new release is All Our Yesterdays. From his days in Deep Purple and Rainbow to present day, legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore remains a relevant force in music. With his enchanting wife Candice Night on vocals, they present an entertaining mixture of Rock, Celtic, World and New Age Music.

The track and video presented here is a superb representation of their unique music. The song starts sadly then breaks into a gala festival of dance and song.

Enjoy the visuals and music that will take you back to simpler times in our history when castles ruled and there was no technology to complicate lives.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

All Our Yesterdays was released on a variety of formats: CD, CD/DVD and Digital versions on September 18th and in LP and Box Set configurations on October 16th (in North America).

The Band's Bio (Courtesy of their website)


 Ritchie Blackmore

British guitarist and songwriter, began his professional career as a session musician as a member of the instrumental band The Outlaws and as a backing musician of pop singers Glenda Collins, Heinz, Screaming Lord Sutch, Neil Christian, etc.. Blackmore was also one of the original members of Deep Purple, playing jam-style rock music which mixed simple guitar riffs and organ sounds During his solo career, he established neo-classical metal band called Rainbow which fused baroque music influences elements with hard rock. However, Rainbow gradually progressed to catchy pop style hard rock. Blackmore formed the traditional folk rock project Blackmore's Night transitioning to vocalist-centered sounds.Click here to read more about Ritchie.

Candice Night

Although she's done back-up vocals for such major bands as Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Twang (the Hank Marvin Tribute album), Candice Night's success was anything but overnight. In 1997, the talented lyricist and lead singer of Blackmore's Night completed a musical project with legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore titled Shadow of the Moon. The album features acoustic renaissance music, a direction she thoroughly enjoyed. "This music is feel good, soul searching music," says Candice. "Listening to it makes me appreciate the beauty in simple things that most of us overlook everyday. It has a magical effect. It makes me smile and it makes me cry, but listening to it always takes me on a different journey somewhere else. Being a part in creating such music is a reward in itself." Click here to read more about Candice.

Bard David of Larchmont

The spine tingling melodies of classical composers wafts through the rehearsal halls as Bard David prepares for his performances. This extremely talented virtuoso has been delighting audiences for the past 20 years on keyboards, piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion and pipe organ. He is a graduate of Purchase University in piano performances and Blackmore's Night is proud to add him to our Minstrel Band.

Lady Kelly DeWinter

Kelly was just a wee babe when she first found herself singing tunes – and it wasn’t long after that she discovered what joy music could truly bring those around her. Classically trained in voice, piano, French Horn, and various other musical instruments, she was clearly drawn to perform - and soon found herself a graduate of the Musical Theatre program at Shenandoah University. Thus far, her professional career has allowed her to perform on stages across the United States, but no indoor theatre ever gave her the same magical feeling as portraying Queen Elizabeth I at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. It was during this time that she truly discovered “All the Fun of the Fayre". She is thrilled to be joining Blackmore’s Night playing French Horn and singing harmony vocals. Lady Kelly says she owes a debt of gratitude to her Renaissance family for introducing her to such a wonderful group.

Troubador of Aberdeen

The percussionist for Blackmore's Night is truly of Scottish descent. His ancestors resided in a castle fortress near Aberdeen during Medieval times. The moonlight beckoned to him and he embarked upon a midnight journey -wandering the countryside, listening to and echoing the rhythms of the night. He spent a lot of time camping in the woods- playing percussion with the otters and badgers- and pitching acorns with the squirrels. Always atune to the rhythms that surround the country side- natural rhythms and sounds of nature abound in his soul, Blackmore's Night came across him in England- we picked him up hitchhiking to London on his way to see the Queen. He instantly felt a comaderaderie with the Band of minstrels and the group invited him to join and share his many talents with them.

Scarlet Fiddler

Our amazing violinist received her MM in violin performance at The Boston Conservatory where she studied with Masters. She has performed at the Amherst Early Music Festival , Oberlin’s Baroque Performance Institute,Trinity Baroque Orchestra and Choir, amongst many other prestigious performances. This Renaissance Fiddler is Concertmaster of the Astoria Symphony and Sinfonia Celestis, and can also be found performing with Greenwich Symphony, Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, Di Capo Opera Company, Bronx Opera Company and the Orchestra of the Bronx. She has graced the stages at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Town Hall the Apollo Theater and Lincoln Center. She has been seen on tv on “Saturday Night Live,” “David Letterman” and “The View”.

Her heart called out for the simplicity of less technological times - and the beauty of nature. She longed to join a group where she could participate with Medieval/Renassiance music from within the castle walls. She found herself delightfully challenged by the music she heard from Blackmore's Night. We welcome this very talented musician to our group.

Earl Grey of Chimay

Bass, mandolin, guitar. Often enchanted with a musical spirit he can be found performing his music throughout medieval forests and cavernous terrains where they echo the melodic sounds resonating from the instruments played by Earl Grey of Chimay. Assimilating an alchemistic approach to a variety of instruments , he brings to Blackmore's Night his music, camaraderie, a plethora of potent ale, and an extraneous habit of being a bit verbose., yet a dash of humor emanates through the serious facade-but he is always passionate about his love for the music of Blackmore's Night.

Nigel Thomas 'Fever' Review

Nigel Thomas found fame in cult indie pop band The Foxes in the back end of the Noughties. Now Nigel is making his own distinct brand of indie rock with nods to his old projects and seminal bands such as Stone Roses and Oasis.

‘Fever’ is his debut track and it is a heady mix of psychosis and rock n roll. The video itself is enough to send chills down your spine. I mean drugs, prostitutes, murder… what more do you want? Musicality wise the song is strong and with such an exciting video to accompany it I just couldn’t pass it up.

‘Fever’ is out November 9th
Check it out here: 
Find Nigel Thomas below:

Lucan Mills 'LEVEL 1' Review

Lucan Mills is a dynamic songwriter and rapper with an impressive back catalogue. Having rapped with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Skepta and JME, Lucan as struck out on his own with an exciting solo venture. Backed by a 6 piece jazz band, Lucan weaves incredible poetry about lost love and everyday existence.

His latest offering ‘It’s Just Rap’ is taken off his EP ‘Level 1’. Blending jazz, hiphop and grime, Lucan has transformed established genres into something new and exciting.
‘Level 1’ featuring single ‘It’s Just Rap’ is out now.
Check him out now:

October 16, 2015

Hawkwind Legend Nik Turner Releases New Album Space Fusion Odyssey Feat. Members of The Doors, Gong, Soft Machine, Amon Düül II and Others!

Featuring guest appearances by Billy Cobham, Robby Krieger, Steve Hillage, Gilli Smyth, John Etheridge, John Weinzierl and others!

Los Angeles - Following the release in 2013 of the most acclaimed album of his solo career, Space Gypsy, Nik Turner is pleased to announced the release of the follow up album Space Fusion Odyssey, out now on Cleopatra Records.

Space Fusion Odyssey is without a doubt the most musically ambitious undertaking Turner has ever attempted, stretching his already prodigious saxophone and flute playing skills to create instrumental soundscapes that entrance, confound, and stimulate all at the same time. As with many of his previous releases, Turner has surrounded himself with an incredible crew of fellow musicians who help him bring his vision to life. Dubbed the Interplanetary Arkestra (hat tip to Sun Ra), the group includes some of the most gifted and groundbreaking musicians of his generation such as legendary jazz drummer Billy Cobham, Doors' guitarist Robby Krieger, Steve Hillage & Gilli Smyth of Gong, Soft Machine’s John Etheridge, Amon Düül II founder John Weinzierl and many more! Space Fusion Odyssey is set to land in July of this year courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records.

The album sees Turner depart on a whole new kind of spaceship, a musical project that finally frees him from the gravitational pull of traditional rock music orbits and launches into new stratospheres of jazz, blues, fusion, and other eclectic styles heretofore unknown to man.

Check out the video for “Hypernova” featuring some truly mind blowing guitar work from both Robby Krieger and Megadeth's Chris Poland:

Space Fusion Odyssey tracks:
1. Adjust The Future
2. Hypernova
3. Spiritual Machines
4. Pulsar
5. An Elliptical Galaxy
6. A Beautiful Vision in Science Forgotten
7. We Came in Peace
8. Interstellar Clouds
9. Spiritual Machines Chapter 2
10. Random Acts

Following the albums release, later in the year The Spirit Of Hawkwind 1969-1976 will be published, the definitive biography of Hawkwind’s early years as told through the eyes of Nik Turner and written by music historian Dave Thompson. The hardcover book contains over 250 pages of rare and unseen photos as well as a comprehensive discography - a feast for Hawkwind fans everywhere.

For more information: http://www.nikturner.com/

Press inquiries:
Glass Onyon PR
Billy James
PH:  828-350-8158

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025

October 9, 2015

New Age Stream: Lynn Yew Evers-Without Words

Lynn Yew Evers does it all "Without Words" on our latest featured stream. In a world of upheaval and political statements that permeates our media there are artists that speak on a different wave length with just their music. The music is strong, peaceful and moving, thus words are never necessary. Lynn is one of those artist that lets her music do the talking.

The title track leads the way with beautiful textures and melody as Lynn uses the ivory keys to deliver her own slice of heaven to our ears. There is a touch of sadness in the track but there inside lies the beauty and purity of it all.

This is one example of what you can enjoy with the music of Lynn Yew Evers so enjoy the stream!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Lynn Yew Evers:

Grammy® winner Will Ackerman, who produced Lynn's latest album "Dawn of Peace" says: "Lynn Yew Evers has the heart of a romantic and the hands of an artist. The combination is very powerful. Her music is like a walk through the most beautiful garden you've ever imagined; her compositions imbued with profound emotion and grace. A pianist who has played for the king and queen of her native Malaysia, “Dawn of Peace” is the larger world's introduction to a brilliant new talent."

Lynn Yew Evers is a multitalented concert pianist, whose passion and determination lead her to relocate from Malaysia to the United States in 2009 to further pursue her well-accomplished career as a professional musician. Lynn was born and raised in a vast historical city in Malaysia called Ipoh. As one of the largest cities in Malaysia, Ipoh is known for it’s year round tropical climate and magnificent limestone caves and temples that surround the metropolis. While growing up amidst the beauty of a tropical oasis, Lynn developed a deep connection to nature, which also nurtured her inspiration and intention behind her music.

“The Music of Nature is what one hears or feels when one is fully immersed in their natural surroundings and awed by the experience. It is much more than sound – singing birds and croaking frogs, but also rustling leaves, flowing water, and breathing winds. The intention behind my music is to gently guide the listener into the tranquility of nature, to experience their surroundings as I do - full of melody and harmony” she expresses. Lynn's U.S. debut solo piano album “Falling Leaves,” is a beautiful reflection of her classical roots with melodious improvisation to tell the story of her first experiences in America… her first autumn, her first snowy winter, and her first year away from home.

Lynn’s musical talent playfully surfaced on a toy piano at the age of 4. Gifted with a perfect ear and intuitive understanding of music, she began performing at age 6 and composing and improvising by age 9. Lynn had undeniably found her calling early in life, and began her musical career as early as 15 years old as a piano coach for children. Inspired by classical greats such as Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, she went on to obtain a degree from the Trinity College of Music in London. She returned to Malaysia determined to further explore and develop her life long passion for music and immediately began to shine as a performer, arranger and composer in her native land.

From 1985-2009, Lynn organized and performed in a multitude of concerts in Malaysia and the U.S. as a solo pianist and accompanist for renowned choirs and ensembles. She arranged, composed and produced the music for a multitude of venues featuring brass bands, ensembles, and chamber orchestras. Lynn also appeared as an international judge for piano competitions on HDTV and played the keyboard in a rock band. Her countless high-level appearances, lead to a well-deserved invitation to the palace to play for the king and queen of Malaysia, as well as the Prime Minister and other Malaysian dignitaries.

“My music is a personal invitation to experience life through imaginative and inspiring stories told by melodies in harmony with nature, “ says Lynn. Amongst Lynn’s many accomplishments, her collaboration with Grammy winner Will Ackerman at his legendary Imaginary Roads Studio in Vermont stands at the top of her list. Her second solo piano album "Dawn of Peace," is a captivating production which truly captures the excellent ability of Ackerman and his team to effortlessly synthesize with the vision of the artist. “Dawn of Peace” brings to light the fluidity of Lynn’s music while expressing her intuitive sense of translating the peaceful melodies expressed in nature.

“When you have someone like Lynn Evers you’ve got this brilliant pianist from a technical standpoint and also this person who is filled with heart. Her music is incredibly expressive. So that’s the ultimate joy – to get someone who is so versatile as a pianist that you can offer suggestions and she is able to manifest that change gracefully in her own work. Believe me, when I hear heart in music, when I hear the pathos, when I hear the joy, when I hear the sadness, that’s what transports me. And Lynn Evers brings that in spades.” – Will Ackerman

October 8, 2015

Dupes – Single Review

St Lucian native Sherwinn Dupes hits back with electric new EP. ‘From Saint Lucia With Love.’ It’s a straight up collection of pop hits in a ballad form. As a champion of St Lucian industry, Dupes melds his love of music with his love for his home country producing an elegant and refined product.

The EP itself mixes RnB and pop with great affect. It is a love story weaving around an intricate melody. Dupes has out done himself and we are super excited to see what else he has to offer.

‘From St Lucia With Love’ is out on October 30th

Check Dupes out below:

Warme New Single Council House Opera - Review

‘Council House Opera’ is the latest single from Bradford 5 piece Warme. Taking influence from classic guitar music such as The Kinks, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Warme craft bespoke, gritty rock stepped in personal experience and close friendship.

‘Council House Opera’ is a dynamic track borrowing equally from 60s rock and roll and the 90s Brit pop movement with Oasis and The Stone Roses as obvious contributors to the Warme sound. The video was shot in their hometown of Bradford, a Northern stronghold with not much music scene but Warme have taken the lack of surrounding influences and built a fantastic repertoire from nothing.

Warme are set to release the single on October 23rd with a string of live dates in the New Year.

Check them out below:


Proud Honey – Single Review

Scottish foursome strikes out with new single ‘Weekend Millionaire’ on October 17th.

Influenced by a credit card fueled stag do on which the band members went out on the town and spent ‘ridiculous amounts of money we didn’t have’, the song tells the tale of the high life which comes back to earth with a bang once reality kicks back in. Energetic and full of fun, it’s a track which deserves to launch Proud Honey to a new level in the industry.

When a band can make that kind of impact on first listen, you know you’re on to a winner. The debut single will be released by Sub Label recordings Ltd under management from their newly launched label 'Urban Pop Records'.

Check them out here:


October 6, 2015

Featured Stream: Project Grand Slam-Fire

With the release of Made In New York Project Grand Slam released a very unique single. Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" has an entirely new vibe to it now. The vocal duties are handled by Kat Robichaud who is frequent guest on their projects.

The band takes a rock classic and turns it into their own jazz take with some pizzazz and flair that only PGS can muster.

Not only do we have the stream for you to listen to we have the steamy video for your eyes to absorb making the trip all that more interesting and thought  provoking. I somehow have the feeling that if Hendrix were alive today he would approve!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 

More About Project Grand Slam:


My love for Hendrix began when, as a teenager, I wandered into the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village NYC one evening, and a guy named Jimi Hendrix happened to be on the bill. A mind blowing experience. Fast forward a couple decades and we are covering "Fire" with the amazing Kat Robichaud.

In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s jazz experienced a renaissance as Miles Davis led jazz into a period that came to be known as “Fusion” – one that melded jazz sensitivities and improvisation with the beat and power of rock music. Groups like Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Return To Forever blazed an exciting and dynamic path in Fusion, captivating the public in the process and enlarging jazz’s traditional audience exponentially.

But musical styles sometimes go in and out of favor, and this happened with Fusion. Starting in the ‘80s jazz took a step back, as Fusion began to morph into Smooth Jazz, which is very tame and safe in comparison. However, some musicians kept Fusion alive.

One such musician is Robert Miller, leader, bassist and composer for Project Grand Slam (PGS). Born into a musical family, Miller had no choice but to start playing music while in grade school. Piano lessons gave way to the trumpet, and by the time The Beatles rocked the world on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 rock and roll had become the young musician’s obsession. It was in 1970, at the age of 19, however, that Miller’s fate as a jazz performer was sealed when he was fortunate enough to be assigned, though a school music program, to private studies with Jimmy Garrison, John Coltrane’s bassist.

“Jimmy opened my eyes to jazz. He taught me how to “walk” on the bass among so many other things. He was a great gentleman too”, says Miller.

In the early ‘70s Miller moved to Boston where he was front and center in the Fusion movement. His band, called Sagov, had several all-star musicians including Anton Fig, and played all the major clubs in the area including Lennie’s On the Turnpike, Paul’s Mall and Debbie’s, sharing the stage with greats such as Sonny Stitt, Jaki Byard, and Gary Burton. “It was a time of spectacular evolution and creativity in jazz, and I was very lucky to be involved in it,” says Miller.

In the early ‘90s Miller moved back to NYC and put together The Robert Miller Group. The band continued the Fusion vein that Miller loved and Robert began his composing career. Their first release, Child’s Play (1994), featured incredible guest musicians including Randy Brecker, Jon Lucien, Al Foster, Tony “Thunder” Smith, and Miller’s old band mate Anton Fig; 1996 saw a follow up release, Prisoners of Love. The band played widely, including the Telluride Jazz Festival, the San Bernadino Jazz Festival, NYC jazz festival and clubs like The Blue Note and Birdland in NYC.

In the mid-‘90s Miller also formed 32 Records, an independent jazz label. 32 purchased the Muse Records catalog and reissued about 100 CDs over the next five years. In 1999 32 had a major hit with Jazz For A Rainy Afternoon, a compilation CD that sold over 1 million records (which is practically unheard of in jazz), and which in turn spawned an entire “Jazz For…” catalogue. These records became so popular that during one week in April of that year 32 Records had the top four records on the Billboard Jazz Chart, a feat that no other record label had ever accomplished.

In 2007 Miller formed Project Grand Slam, naming the band based upon the James Bond film, “Goldfinger” because he wanted a name that was different and cool. Except that he got the name wrong. Miller learned after naming PGS that in the film the evil Goldfinger’s plot to rob Fort Knox was called Operation Grand Slam, not Project Grand Slam, but he thought still, PGS is a cool name so he kept it.

PGS has been described by Acid Jazz Magazine as “a spectacular mix of jazz, fusion and rock that combines melody, groove and great improvisation.”

With PGS Miller’s writing skills and output increased considerably, and the band continued to play Fusion with an updated feel. PGS’s debut album, Play (Cakewalk Records 2008), was produced by Frank Filipetti (Grammy winner for Record Of The Year for James Taylor’s “Hourglass” CD) and featured the top radio hit “The Captain Of Her Heart”, a cover of the Double song, with internationally renowned guest vocalist Judie Tzuke. In addition, PGS and five of Miller’s tunes from Play were featured in an episode of the hit NBC-TV series, “Lipstick Jungle”, starring Brooke Shields (and Miller had a speaking part). Play received rave reviews.

In 2012 PGS released its follow up album, Spring Dance (Cakewalk Records). The album featured five of Miller’s new compositions, including the title track, which was another top radio hit. This CD also received rave reviews.

In 2014 Miller released Twenty (Cakewalk Records), a compilation CD featuring 16 of Miller’s best compositions recorded over the last twenty years by Project Grand Slam and The Robert Miller Group. He also re-formed Project Grand Slam with four terrific new musicians. The new PGS played its debut show in July 2014 in NYC and has been performing steadily ever since.

As 2015 unfolds Miller and PGS have exciting plans in the works. The band recently recorded four new Miller tunes, including a vocal called “New York City Groove”. This song was created by Miller as a kind of love letter to his NYC home, with iconic images of NYC and a true NYC vibe. Kind of like “MTV meets I LOVE NY”. The track features the robust pipes of 2013 The Voice semi-finalist Kat Robichaud. PGS has also entered into a distribution agreement with CEN/RED Distribution. Summer 2015 will see the release of “Groove” along with Miller’s other new compositions, and the band is organizing a full performance schedule.

PGS consists of the following young, talented musicians in addition to Robert on bass:

Yvette Rovira – vocals
Joel E. Mateo/Willy Rodriguez – drums
Nathan Cepelinski – saxophones
Ben Sher/Yasser Tejeda – guitar
Marcello Casagrandi/Meritxell Neddermann – piano and keyboards

October 2, 2015

All Eyes and Ears On Intelligent Music Project III – TOUCHING THE DIVINE Feat. John Payne, Simon Phillips, Joseph Williams, Nathan East and Tim Pierce

Bulgaria - TOUCHING THE DIVINE is the third studio album from Intelligent Music Project and the second all-star line-up, creating a remarkable infusion by its author and producer's musically erudite and unconventional style, and the full creative input of the legendary musicians. The production features session aces Simon Phillips (drums and percussion), Nathan East (bass) & Tim Pierce (guitars), and the remarkable voices of John Payne (ex-Asia) and Toto`s Joseph Williams, who bring their own flavor to all 14 equally outstanding pieces in the album.

Intelligent Music Project III is showcasing the chemistry and versatile style that went into IMP II - rich and layered, guitar-centric, melodic-progressive sound. Catchy tunes, and dynamic riffs melt flawlessly with Payne's and Williams’ trademark vocals while the immaculate Phillips – Pierce – East stamp their blueprint on the record all the way through.

The band's overall musicianship blends impressively with the complexity of musical arrangements, including unforgettable symphonic expansions. Matching the classic rock energy and instrumental charge with his lyrical patterns, rapt and diverse music theme development is the signature style that propels this all-star project of Milen Vrabevski, author and producer of TOUCHING THE DIVINE.

Watch THE MAKING (EPK of Touching the Divine) here: 

Stand out tracks:
Bursting out with track 1. “Opening (Cool inside)” - sounds like introductory rhapsody, seamlessly blending the exceptionally tasteful instrumental part into Joseph Williams' illustrative singing.

The pilot single “Sky” is a melodic, hard rocking piece, propelled by powerful guitar riffs and Joseph Williams' gently hitting vocals, scored by uncompromising guitar virtuosity.

“Escape” feat. John Payne's evocative timbre is a timeless rock ballad immediately reaching to the charts.

From the soul retriever “We Can” sung by John, through Joe's passion “Life” and the duet “Stay Up” (John & Joe) to the key tracks “Simply Feels Good” (featuring lead and backing vocals by John Payne, Joseph Williams and Carl Sentence, recently appointed as Nazareth's lead singer) and “Mind Projection” – Intelligent Music Project III marks its producer's determination to make one solid addition to the AOR classics of all times.

Says Simon Phillips, “It's really interesting to do a second project with Milen. In this new project 'Touching the Divine', musically the composition has developed, it's developed from the first record... and that's good to see.”

Says Tim Pierce, “This project is great, because it's very, very challenging and musical, in a way like Queen is musical... and it's got all of these layers and colors. Musically it's very fun, because it travels a lot of different places.”

Says Joseph Williams, “It's wonderful to explore working with Milen. The project has a wonderful message, accompanied with some beautiful music and some great rock 'n' roll – the musicians in this project are top 'noch.”

Says Nathan East, “This project is very special to me, because of the nature of the message of the project. I was very inspired and happy with the idea, because the message has value and meaning and I am about that. The word 'inspirational' is what I use to describe this project.”

Says Carl Sentence “There is a lot of music and a sense of depth in Milen's songs. They are not ordinary. They are very beautiful… and the way these songs are composed is very, very good.”

Says John Payne, “It's incredible opportunity to work with such great people – Nathan East, Tim Pierce… Wonderful songs – my favorite so far is 'Mind Projection', but there are a lot of great songs, a lot of great melodies and some great playing. You've got some world class players – Simon, Tim, Nathan East…and Joseph Williams singin', I mean – he is amazing!”

Says Milen Vrabevski, “This is a super band, which every producer would be happy to work with, and it gave a very good finish to our Intelligent Music Project, in this case – number III. I was enormously fortunate to be the author and producer of the whole project. The idea we want to share with the audience through this album is simple – we must find the Divine within ourselves in order to become the successful individual we want to be. We try to show how to do that.”

Intelligent Music Project III - TOUCHING THE DIVINE
Author and producer - Milen Vrabevski, MD

Simon Phillips - drums and percussion
Nathan East (appears courtesy of Yamaha Entertainment Group) - bass
John Payne - lead & backing vocals
Joseph Williams - lead & backing vocals
Carl Sentance - backing vocals & ad-libs, lead vocal part on track 7.
Tim Pierce - guitars
All: Invaluable full creative input!

Release date: October 2, 2015

Previous albums by the same author, featuring Simon Phillips, Joseph Williams & John Lawton are IMP I & II, respectively titled “The Power of Mind” & “My Kind O' Lovin'”

To purchase Intelligent Music Project III - TOUCHING THE DIVINE CD:
Amazon: http://geni.us/2pOa
iTunes: http://geni.us/dXQ

Intelligent Music Project III feat. Joseph  Williams - SKY

Intelligent Music Project III feat. John Payne - MIND PROJECTION

For more information: www.touchingthedivine.info

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October 1, 2015

Focus Track: AeTopus-Burst

AeTopus otherwise known as Bryan Tewell Hughes, has released a new album titled When. The focus track here is "Burst."

Burst is defined as: To break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents, typically as a result of an impact or internal pressure.

i.e. "We inflated dozens of balloons and only one burst"...Well in this case the balloon happens to be the music and it is just bursting with color and energy, albeit all in a positive uplifting sense.

"Burst" is like a cloth weaved by hand with an intricate design featuring many colors. It is atmospheric and ambient to start then percussion comes in and makes it more interesting and textured. 

This is music you cannot put in a little box and tuck away in the corner, it combines Electronic, New Age and World that keeps your interest from start to finish. It is like listening to ancient tribal beats infused with electronic technologies...the combination is divine not to mention addicting!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About  AeTopus:


Composer Bryan Tewell Hughes has been recording as AeTopus since 2002. A visual artist as well as a musician, he supports the notion that a piece of music need not provide a literal interpretation of an idea; that expression and approximation are important tools that allow the listener to have a unique reaction. Hughes currently works out of his Bellingham, Washington studio.

Silver Sleeve Records Launches With The Return of Hard Rock Outfit The Giraffes!

First single "Product Placement Song” Premiered on Brooklyn Vegan
Brooklyn Vegan Premiere : Giraffes - "Product Placement Song"

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Upcoming Showcase:
Oct 03, 2015 The Wick - Brooklyn, NY (Official Release Party)

Brooklyn, NY/Studio City, CA - Lightyear Entertainment is pleased to announce the formation of a new music label, Silver Sleeve Records.

Silver Sleeve will be helmed by Lightyear VP and former Columbia Records A&R man Sky Spooner. It will focus on indie alt/rock bands, alt/country bands and active rock bands, in particular from (but not limited to) the vibrant Brooklyn music scene.

“Lightyear has always been eclectic in its releases, working in a variety of genres including rock, pop, r&b, hip-hop, reggae, world music, and jazz. Silver Sleeve is going to be different. We will have a distinct label identity. We will be looking for Hard/Fast/Loud/Punk/Psych/Surf/Metal music from stunning emerging artists all over the globe,” said Silver Sleeve President Sky Spooner.

The first band signed to the new label is The Giraffes. From 1996 to 2015, the Brooklyn-based Giraffes have shredded, burned, and leveled every audience from their Brooklyn hometown to the Sunset Strip, and back again. Lead singer Aaron Lazar and guitar wizard Damien Paris form the focus of the band supported by the locomotive rhythm section of maniac drummer Andrew Totolos and latest Giraffe, Josh Taggart on bass.

The first release of the new album from The Giraffes, Usury, will be released digitally worldwide through Caroline/Universal Music Group on October 2, 2015. The CD and vinyl LP will be released January 29, 2016. The LP will be clear, audiophile vinyl, with an included download card, and of course packaged with a silver sleeve.

The First single "Product Placement Song” Premiered on Brooklyn Vegan: Brooklyn Vegan Premiere : Giraffes - "Product Placement Song"

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The early digital release was scheduled to coincide with the band’s fall tour dates, including what is expected to be a sold-out show at Brooklyn’s The Wick on October 3, the Larimer Lounge in Denver on October 10, and The Slowdown in Omaha on October 16, plus many more.

The Giraffes Press Kit:

Teaser Video from a recent show (a must see!):

Silver Sleeve Facebook:

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Lightyear Entertainment, a distributor of independent films and music, was founded in 1987.  www.lightyear.com

Featured Track: Ann Wilson - Fool No More

An artist like Ann Wilson really does not need an introduction if you have been listening to music from the mid seventies to present day. The lead singer of Heart and the author of solo albums and side projects, this hall of fame diva has made her mark.

With the September 18th digital release of The Ann Wilson Thing EP and the fast approaching October 9th official release, there is a buzz in the world of rock. I have always been a big fan of Heart and the amazing talents of this lady. She has not lost a thing in the vocal department.

One listen "Fool No More" tells the story. Her distinctive vocal style, powerful and emotional delivery make the track come alive. But then again that is what I would expect from Ms. Wilson.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 

More About The Release On Rounder Records:


September 16, 2015—Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ann Wilson is set to release her first solo EP, The Ann Wilson Thing, on Rounder Records. Featured tracks on the EP include “Fool No More,” which was written by Wilson and described by her as “a heavy blues song about bad love and the fleeting of time” and “For What It’s Worth,” described by Wilson as “a melding of some timeless lyrics with meat, hair and teeth.” The Ann Wilson Thing will be released digitally on September 18 and in stores October 9. Wilson previously announced her first solo mini tour kicking off September 21 in Solana Beach, CA. Additional dates include The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center on October 6 and a second show at City Winery in New York on October 7.

Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris with be sitting in with Wilson at her Nashville City Winery date on October 15 and Jon Batiste, the band leader of the Colbert show, will join Ann for a song at the New York City Winery show. In addition, Wilson’s Old Saybrook, CT show at the Katharine Hepburn Theater will be filmed by Connecticut PBS as part of their new “Katharine Hepburn Series” and will air on PBS in February. As a songwriter and lyricist, Ann Wilson has created a truly impressive body of work (“Crazy on You,” “Barracuda,” “Magic Man,” “Dog & Butterfly,” “Straight On”, “Even it Up,” “Mistral Wind,” and many, many more). However, her greatest gift, and first “calling” is singing and with this intimate tour, she prepares to blow away her fans with up, close and personal, raw performances of blues and rock songs. The Ann Wilson Thing won’t replace Heart but it will be a new experience for existing Heart fans, as well as for new fans who will love these songs.

The Ann Wilson Thing Tour Dates: Sept 21 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Oct 6 – Old Saybrook, CT – The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center Oct 7 – New York, NY – City Winery (two shows) Oct 9 – Annapolis, MD – Rams Head on Stage Oct 10 – Annapolis, MD – Rams Head on Stage Oct 12 – Vienna, VA – The Barns at Wolf Trap Oct 13 – Vienna, VA – The Barns at Wolf Trap Oct 15 – Nashville, TN – City Winery Nov 23 – Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s Nov 24 – Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s (two shows).