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October 1, 2015

Focus Track: AeTopus-Burst

AeTopus otherwise known as Bryan Tewell Hughes, has released a new album titled When. The focus track here is "Burst."

Burst is defined as: To break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents, typically as a result of an impact or internal pressure.

i.e. "We inflated dozens of balloons and only one burst"...Well in this case the balloon happens to be the music and it is just bursting with color and energy, albeit all in a positive uplifting sense.

"Burst" is like a cloth weaved by hand with an intricate design featuring many colors. It is atmospheric and ambient to start then percussion comes in and makes it more interesting and textured. 

This is music you cannot put in a little box and tuck away in the corner, it combines Electronic, New Age and World that keeps your interest from start to finish. It is like listening to ancient tribal beats infused with electronic technologies...the combination is divine not to mention addicting!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About  AeTopus:


Composer Bryan Tewell Hughes has been recording as AeTopus since 2002. A visual artist as well as a musician, he supports the notion that a piece of music need not provide a literal interpretation of an idea; that expression and approximation are important tools that allow the listener to have a unique reaction. Hughes currently works out of his Bellingham, Washington studio.

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