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November 2, 2015

Stream Feature: C'nky Siwela-My Name In The Echo

C'nky Siwela's new track "My Name In The Echo" is an upbeat and funky dance tune that is full of the sparks of energy that make music so exciting.

The singer is from Johannesburg South Africa and he brings his music to an audience that will be eager to consume it.

"My Name In The Echo" has a contagious rhythm and beat. Give the provided stream a listen and get that body moving!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About C'nky Siwela:


When I was 18 years old, I love dancing, singing and trying all sorts of music instruments. Getting positive results for what I love was a source of my inspiration to look forward. My real journey in my music started when I joined a well established institution of music in South Africa as a music tutor. I was too excited and also feeling inspired to be part of the institution. After few years as a music tutor, I became discouraged with the negativity and gossips from some of my colleagues. My flute students were doing fine and obtaining distinctions and merits with their exams until they were victims of infiltrations from some negative forces. I started to feel stress and nearly got killed in a car accident, I even lost my flute on the accident scene. The situation nearly affected my passion as a performer and music tutor. Most people around me were getting very concerned with my performance and I nearly quit. Some comments made to try and help me did result in actually making me feel even worse about my musical journey. Feeling trapped and lonely, I was very confused. I nearly gave up until I heard a special voice whispering in my ears reminding me that I am not only a human being but also a spiritual being and through the power from God I will beat this. This special voice made me to realize that music is not only a passion for me but a calling. I have to serve God and humanity. After a long denial and self introspection, I regained my strength and power to believe in me once again and I felt like a new person. Through hard work and self belief, I can proudly say I have realised that I am a born artist, inherited this art from the Siwela's family and I will never again quit. Music is my calling, hence the name of this song I present is titled “ My name in the Echo”. This served as an inspiration to whoever is trying to quit to listen to the voice of reason. The song talks about my struggle before I discovered my real place to express myself as an emerging Electro Pop/ Jazz Artist. If it was possible for me, it will also be possible for everyone.

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