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December 9, 2015

Instrumental Solo Piano: Tim Neumark-Starlight

The album Galaxy is Tim Neumark's sixth release. Our focus track for the release is "Starlight." 

Already familiar with this gentleman's music it was easy for me to become enchanted once his fingers hit those wonderful ivory keys.

With "Starlight" Neumark creates heaven on earth. The simplicity is the beauty of the track and his flow and approach brings you through a river of emotions both elating and perhaps a touch of sadness as you reflect upon your innermost thoughts.

Simply put this is a gorgeous melody that should not be missed!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Tim:
A picture of Tim Neumark.Tim was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic, spending much of his youth in Frostburg, Maryland. In his childhood and early adulthood his foremost passion was athletics, and he participated in baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and track. He also developed a taste for classical and new age music in his teenage years, but it wasn't until his later high school years that he discovered his talent for the piano.

For years, Tim travelled the country for work, frequently playing his own compositions in hotel lobbies. At the urging of his wife and others, he finally released his debut CD in 2007.

Tim currently lives with his wife and two daughters in the Washington, DC area.

About Tim's Music:
Tim composes solo piano music that is "emotional, beautiful music that tells a story." Featuring a combination of classical and new age styles, he has released six solo piano albums.

His 2014 album Storm was named Best Solo Piano Album of 2014 by One World Music. In addition, Storm was named one of the best CDs of 2014 by Audiosyncracy, received two Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) nominations, and was nominated for Enlightened Piano Radio's 2014 Album of the Year award. His 2013 album Opus Four was nominated by SoloPiano.com for Classical/Neo-Classical album of the year and received two HMMA nominations. 

Tim's music can be heard on the following internet radio broadcasts (Note that these links open a new tab.)

Galaxy (2015):
Galaxy is Tim's sixth CD, released in May 2015. This album includes all of the tracks from Tim's 2014-2015 track-a-month campaign. Galaxy was named Best Instrumental/Piano Album in June 2015 by The Akademia Music Awards.
Space... the final frontier... the tracks on this album are inspired by the awe and beauty of space. Almost a 50/50 mix of minor and major pieces, Galaxy includes both energetic pieces (Orbit, Perspective, Starlight) and calmer pieces to capture certain moods (Night, Time's Arrow, Vast). For the full background about this album and its tracks, see Galaxy: Behind the music.

Download the CD liner notes in PDF, or visit the store to buy the CD and sheet music.

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