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January 23, 2016

Featured Stream: Kathryn Kaye-Learning To Waltz With Clouds

Kathryn Kaye's latest release is There Was A Time.

Kathryn's recording output has been totally consistent and complete quality for many years and I would anticipate another wonderful group of tracks on the new album.

One example that surely indicates that is the focus track "Learning To Waltz With Clouds." The title alone suggest something so beautiful and spiritual that it cannot miss hitting you just the right way. Her piano playing is gorgeous and you can envision getting in step with the billowing clouds above. The thought of it brings a quiet to your inner being and of course the music leads the way.

This is a great introduction to her latest outing and I certainly look forward to hearing more of the same!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Kathryn Kaye:


Kathryn Kaye grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky.  She began playing piano at the age of four, and music immediately became an essential part of her life.  She majored in voice and keyboard in college, after which she moved to Germany to further her training.  Prior to and during her years in Germany, Kathryn performed professionally as a folk singer and soprano soloist in concerts, recitals, and operas, and she has appeared as a solo performer on television in both Germany and the United States.

Kathryn has been influenced by the simple harmonies of the folksongs and hymns that she heard, sang, and played as a child, by her years of experience with classical music, and by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains where she now lives.  Her music ranges from compositions with strong, emotional melodies through more contemporary, meditative, instrumental pieces.

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