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March 13, 2016

Jazz Stream: Oleg Frish-The Things We Did Last Summer

Oleg Frish has a very distinct vocal style. What he is able to do with a standard jazz tune is turn it into something fresh and new with a twist because of his European accent.

On "The Things We Did Last Summer" he spotlights his vocal prowess and style backed with some light but poignant jazz music.

His Duets with My American Idols is his latest recording and jazz lovers will certainly find enjoyment on this release.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Oleg Frish:


Oleg Frish is a native of Russia and naturalized American citizen (2000) who has developed a distinguished career as a noted international celebrity television broadcast host, journalist, recording artist, performer and music historian. Oleg was born in Zaporozhye , the USSR into a family of musicians. His mother, Svetlana Frish, is a pianist and his father, Eugeny Frish, (2 sons, Oleg is the first one)was longtime head of the ( Seagull choir) and an important member of the artistic community...READ MORE...

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