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March 17, 2016

Pop / Electronica / Dance Stream-Rhealine-Alive

Rhealine are two focused individuals intent on creating stories with their dance/electronica sounds. They like to call it poptronic. I think that is good description. 

Rhealine has a dynamic and energized sound served up on this featured track titled "Alive."

The track focuses on lost love over many centuries of passing time and more than just hinting at the possibility of reincarnation. After hearing "Alive" you may find it believable. Give it a listen now!
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Rhealine:


Rhealine is a project that is working with singers from the entire world. Therefore we call it "Cross-continental music collaboration rooted in the fusion of pop and electronic sound." Currently, Rhealine is working with Zora from Netherlands, L.Paris from Los Angeles, Mechi and Della from Buenos Aires/Argentina.

Rhealine is pure, evolutionary. Its cross-continental collaboration is rooted in the science of pop and electronic sound. The idea behind the poptronic influence generates a functionality persistent in identifying a unique contemporary pulse. The fusion resonates fresh domain and a sound definitive to the eclectic brilliance of its broad-based artists; performers and musicians. Come inside Rhealine and take a taste of a more creative, personified edge...READ MORE...

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