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March 21, 2016

Rock Stream: Shaking Bones EP by VvLvA


As a thunder struck from the canyon of light, on the day the satan rejected their souls, an exciting frontman with the moves of a tiger, backed up by three high energetic companions, decided to form a band. United as Vvlva they are now about to release their first seven inch on the Hamburg based label H42 records. In addition, the Australian label Heavy Chains Records subsequently proposed to release a cassette for this quartet from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria! Await the ultimate eruption of the folky-blues-heavy psych-vvlvacano in May 2016.

Releases May 6, 2016

PRESALE START April 6th 12:00 non from www.h42records.8merch.com
Every preorder will come with an additional A2

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