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April 24, 2016

Acoustic/Roots Stream: RJ Comer - The Moon Ain't Fallen on Me Yet

RJ Comer's music and vocals have a way of grabbing you without fail. He has the look of an old soul, someone that has lived the songs that he sings.

A good example of that thought is "The Moon Ain't Fallen on Me Yet" from his Nightly Suicide album. The music is dark and mesmerizing and the message hits home. He is saying that regardless of the late night rolls of the dice in whatever frame of reference one can think of, the bright globe above has not fallen down and extinguished his love of the night and taking risks.

 One listen pulls you right in so check out the video now.

 Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About RJ Comer:


RJ Comer is a Los Angeles city boy and storyteller with the backwaters of Americana and Blues running through his veins. He started out singing

in church and around the campfire, but ended up in a lot of bad places at wrong times. RJ’s music reflects the witty, gritty, tender and tough
guy he is. From downtempo gritty songs that cut deep with self-deprecating humor and jagged memories to upbeat songs that swagger even when they swing, RJ’s music is both meaningful and entertaining...READ MORE...

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