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June 15, 2016

Featured Stream: Sasha's Bloc - Runaway Blues

Sasha's Bloc is a true collaboration of artists. They gather to make some fine jazz, blues and R&B.

Most recently one of the best examples of their various talents are on display with "Runaway Blues."

Smooth and silky vocals lead the way with some excellent instrumentation and fills to make those vocals shine brightly.

Sasha's Bloc is one of those indie bands I always look forward to hearing. So check out this stream and see for yourself what you have been missing!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Sasha's Bloc:


Jazz collective Sasha’s Bloc has earned the best reviews of their burgeoning career via coverage of their new CD ‘Heart On Fire’ and recent LA concerts. The band, conceived by bassist Alex Gershman and featuring guest vocalists Jane Monheit and Alvin Chea, evokes the Big Band Jazz Sound of the 1920s-40s: “Gershman and his Sasha’s Bloc serve as a reminder of the reason we fell in love with jazz in the first place. It makes you feel nostalgic and free.” 

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