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August 6, 2016

Stream Feature: Bill Wren-Enchanted Kingdom

Bill Wren creates an "Enchanted Kingdom" on his new release Road to Chiang Mai. The track is a new age and world trek through the great mountains in Asia. The music gets as wondrous as the challenging hike to the top of the magnificent Mt. Everest and the music consuming your body and soul, pushing you the one additional step on your journey towards the clouds.

World instruments combined with new age textures and orchestrations make this an exciting musical journey.

I felt the emotion and beauty of nature come over me while listening to this superb music! Stream it now and feel the music.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 

More About Bill Wren:


All of my life I have loved the magic and mystery that music creates. At times, I have been so entranced in beautiful melodies that my imagination runs wild. And it is only then that the muses in my mind paint and display a perfect tapestry, a musical picture, and display it before my eyes. One Day in a Life was meant to take the listener on this same type of journey. Sure, the album reveals the feelings and events of my own life. However, more importantly, it causes one to ponder their unique journey in life...READ MORE...

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