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October 24, 2016

Featured Track: Erik Scott-Seven Veils

Erik Scott is one of the worlds most talented bass players. He has many years of solid experience that has coalesced in his solo work over the last several years.

Scott is a rocker turned new age instrumental artist superb! On the new release In The Company of Clouds he provides listeners with some tasty instrumental treats featuring his fluid and groove filled bass playing.

Our focus track is the beautiful and mesmerizing "Seven Veils." Scott takes the listener on a cosmic journey through the stars and heaven itself with relaxing and superior tones that emanate from his instrument.

Give it a listen now and see if you agree!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Erik Scott:


Best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Sonia Dada, and Flo & Eddie, "Erik "Eski" Scott has a recording career that stretches back to 1969, making albums with Northern Illinois groups "Food" and "Jambalaya". It was in 1974 he met and played bass with Zappa cohorts and Turtles members Flo and Eddie, and would later record and tour with Alice Cooper. He was a founding member and worked fifteen years with Sonia Dada. He also made recordings with Pops and Mavis Staples, Kim Carnes, and many other artists over a forty year career, a love affair and devotion which spans until present day where we find him playing some truly zoned out, interstellar bass on his solo record Other Planets and the latest release In The Company of Clouds.

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