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November 13, 2016

Featured Track: Karen Olson and Crispin Barrymore-Inner Wanderings

Karen Olson's latest release is A Hero's Journey created with Crispin Barrymore on the piano and sampled sounds.  A Hero's Journey. It contains 11 tracks of new age/classical influenced instrumentals. We are featuring her choice track  titled "Inner Wanderings."

The track suggests the human condition and what we find when we look inside for the truth. Karen's music is recognized on the world stage because of the expertise she commands with the viola.

It's not any easy task taking one instrument and making it a lead in a track or an entire album. This is a major accomplishment for any artist and particularly those that choose stringed instruments.

Karen's viola leads you down a path to push aside the feelings and emotions that are superficial. Her music will invite you to focus on your own "Inner Wanderings." - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Karen Olson:

Karen Olson is an internationally recognized violist, recording artist and composer. She combines her unique background as a musician, Reiki master, and intuitive holistic healer, by providing interactive, fun and inspiring concerts and programs.

Karen’s music has been called “jazzical”: classically oriented jazz fusion that has New Age and World Music influences...READ MORE...

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