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December 1, 2016

Featured Stream: Cranky George-Misery Road

Cranky George is back on Rate The Tracks to bring listeners another interesting and entertaining track.

This time we get to stream "Misery Road" from their recent album Fat Lot of Good.

"Misery Road" gives you windshield wipers for your tears. Man, what kind of car comes equipped like that? What a great line from the song!

As usual I enjoyed the music, in fact I think the entire Fat Lot of Good is a truckload of musical entertainment. 

This is one example of the band's special blend of rock, Americana, blues and folk. They stir the pot of the emotional stew and its a good time so check it out.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Cranky George:


The genesis of Cranky George dates back to 1989, when James Fearnley (accordion-player and founder-member of London/Irish band The Pogues) met, first, Dermot Mulroney (renowned actor, star and co-star of ‘The Family Stone’, ‘The Wedding Date’ and ‘About Schmidt’), and then Dermot’s brother, Kieran (erstwhile actor in ‘From The Earth To The Moon’ and ‘The Spitfire Grill’, now writer and director) on film locations in Colorado and Virginia...READ MORE...

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