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We are interested in providing a home for artists that want to have their tracks evaluated by seasoned professionals in the music business and fans alike. If it's a demo or the finished product we want to hear your tracks! This is intended to be interactive between the artists and listeners. Providing feedback to the artists will assist them in developing their music.


Artists, if you would like to submit your track we cover the following genres:

Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Blues, Jazz, Pop, New Age, Jazz Fusion, Instrumental, Experimental, All of the sub genres of each listed.


We will provide at the minimum a paragraph for an evaluation and bio info as well with a link back to your site. The artist will need to provide an embed code for the track whether it be from Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverb Nation, or any workable HTML that can be inserted into your page we can post and listen to, a You Tube embed code will work fine as well. Your page will be permanent. If you want to include a picture with your posting or any artwork just send it in and it will be included with your track posting. We encourage an offering of a free download of your track to help promote it as well.

The service entails a promotion through our social networking via Google, Facebook, Mix (formerly Stumbleupon) and various applicable Facebook Groups.  Each post is an individual and unique permanent link. After posting reviews for many years this is what I found is the most effective in getting SEO, views of the reviews, and visitors to your website. You will also have the opportunity to be our Featured Track of The Week on one of the appropriate blogs based on your genre. Once the postings are complete I will send a list of links via email to the artists and or PR person.

If you are thinking of having an entire album covered from start to finish then that can be discussed just send me an email @ khannaleck@yahoo.com

This is a very reasonable offer, we know the music industry is one of the hardest to make a buck in and we are behind the artist. So we will charge a minimal fee of $25.00 to have your track evaluated and posted permanently on the site and promoted through social networking. Just click the Pay Pal payment button below and you are good to go!

Make sure that you provide a preferred email address so we can notify you of the posting.

In Addition I will post on the following social networking sites:

Mix (Formerly Stumbleupon)

The Facebook Pages That I Run:
Streaming Music
New Age Music Reviews (if applicable)

New Age Music Reviews Group  (if applicable)
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